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UN needs creative social impact agency to make a mobilization campaign for International Women’s Day


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Call: Global video engagement and mobilization campaign for International Women’s Day

Contracting Authority: UN Women

Deadline Dec 3


The creative social impact agency will lead on a global engagement and mobilization campaign for International Women’s Day (8 March) under UN Women’s flagship Generation Equality campaign to not only raise awareness on gender equality and SDG Goal 5, but also inspire action to build and grow the gender equality movement.

Main objectives

– Ignite a global activation moment to inspire action, engage new audiences and ultimately build on the gender equality movement

– Put a global spotlight on gender equality, SDG Goal 5 and achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world


– Youth and veteran activists

– The “moveable” middle

Engagement medium

This engagement requires high-end video production from creative conceptualization to production to post-production. The engagement will require one or all of the following: collaboration with partners, celebrities as well as micro- and macro-influencers, engagement with urban and rural community influencers globally and/or engagement with the public through user-generated content.

Scope of work and expected deliverables:


In collaboration with UN Women’s Communications Branch, produce a global engagement and mobilization campaign for International Women’s Day (8 March) under UN Women’s Generation Equality flagship campaign following the core objectives above. Set up a fully managed campaign activation through video. Core tasks include:

– Conceptualizing and pitching up to 3 creative ideas. Allow for two rounds of revision on the chosen track. Companies will need to pitch a range of options for execution and not just post-production with stock footage. For example: live field and/or studio production in multiple countries, projects leveraging user-generated content, music video concepts, etc.

– Devising and implementing an engagement plan and/or influencer strategy. Distribution channels should include owned and pro bono media and partner networks, no paid media.

– Coordinating and mapping out all production logistics with identified individuals and/or the public (if a user-generation activation)

– Seeking out and engaging relevant micro- and macro-influencers to feature in the video and/or share the video, in close collaboration with UN Women


– Researching, coordinating all third-party material (stock footage and photos, archival media, music), ensuring that all copyrighted material is appropriately licensed (e.g. release forms, music licensing etc). UN Women to provide any parameters.

– Conducting shoots, coordinating any talent, managing production logistics (on-site and/or virtually). Given pandemic realities, the agency is expected to problem solve and offer solutions on how best to capture video content following safety guidelines for shoots or offer virtual means to capture content.

– Editing and delivering the final video with project files according to required specifications, including potential subtitling


– Creative campaign and video concept

– Engagement plan, production schedule and campaign execution

– Video production

– Video Post-Production + Final edited video, including one social cut (with project files)

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