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UN agency needs “digital help” to spike response from individual fundraising

Call: Provision of Expert Support in Strategic Planning and Creative Services

Contracting Authority: The World Food Programme (WFP)

Deadline for the EOI: 23/12- 16:00 Brussels time

WFP is seeking to invest in new solutions so as to spike response from individual fundraising. Given the rise of digitalization and online transactions, the private sector strategy over the next five years will focus on how to tap into potential donors using digital platforms. Accordingly, WFP is looking for a service provider that has capability and capacity in either or both of the following two sectors:

  1. Strategy and Planning services;
  2. Creative content services

Creative content services – details:

Content strategy planning, creation and delivery across multiple channels. Bringing to life the needs of our beneficiaries and their stories and the solutions to stop them facing hunger. Bring effective planning frameworks and test matrices relevant to our approach for rapid test, learn and iteration.

Develop compelling propositions for IG fundraising appeals, campaigns, products and offers, make recommendations and develop new propositions or offers for our supporters which may require bespoke content or increased personalization E. Mid value donors

Travel on content gathering missions to ensure production materials meet the needs of fundraising channels. Create engaging and donation driving content, provide co writing and desing services

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