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Software development services for new CTBTO´s Intranet website features



Tendr: Provision of Software Development for the New Intranet Project on a Call-off Basis

Contracting Authority: CTBTO – Preparatory Commission for the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty organization, Vienna AT

150 Man Days / within 12 months

Deadline March 22

Scope of Work: The Commission seeks to engage a Contractor to provide software development services for the implementation of new features in its Intranet website on a call-off basis. The Commission estimates that a maximum of 150 person-days may be called-off for software development services during the initial contractual period of 12 months with the possibility of up to two optional extensions for the same quantity of person-days. It should be noted that the Commission reserves the right to call less or no person-days at its own discretion. 

CTBTO servers will host test and production environments, configured according to the specifications below:

System                                 Version

Middleware                       PHP 7.2+

Database                             MariaDB 5.x  

Operating System            Redhat Linux 7.x

Web Server                         Apache 2.x

Drupal                                  version 8.8

Design and development of new features or enhancements to existing features: The work involves the following main activities:  Defining requirements in accordance with IMS/NSS engineering practices or reviewing and refining existing requirements specifications. The outcome of this step would be a requirements document, forming the basis for further planning the work;  Scheduling of the deliverables and estimating the effort to execute the work;  Software analysis, design, coding and testing;  Development of acceptance test plans;  Delivery, acceptance support and implementation support of each deliverable;  Delivery of the documentation, typically consisting of Software Design Description, Software User Manual, Software Installation Manual, and Software Administration Manual. The above activities shall be executed in an iterative fashion in accordance with the agile software development methodology Scrum

Requirements for the vendors:  Required – a minimum of three (3) years of experience in the development and maintenance of Intranet/Internet websites;  Required – a minimum of three (3) years of experience in International Organizations or Corporations;

Requirements for the personnel: Following an Agile approach, based on Scrum as a framework, the team should be cross-functional and composed by people having the skills below. The team shall also have the active presence of a Scrum Master:

 Required – a minimum of three (3) years of experience  in the development and maintenance of Intranet/Internet websites;  Required – previous experience in the development of solutions for Drupal, at least one (1) year of experience in Drupal v.8.8, running on Linux RedHat 7;  Required – Three (3) years of experience in the last five (5) years as a software developer in web development. Experience with PHP (v7+) development;  Required – a minimum of three (3) years of experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES5 and ES6+); CSS pre-processors (SASS, Less, Stylus);  Required – a minimum of three (3) years of experience with Git and Github;  Required – a minimum of three (3) years of SCRUM framework experience and other Agile frameworks like Kanban;   Required – a minimum of three (3) years of experience as Scrum Master;  Required – a minimum of three (3) years of experience as member of a cross-functional team;  Desirable – Familiarity with task runners like Robo;  Required – Recent professional experience, a minimum of three (3) years, with SQL and database programming, ideally using MariaDB 5.x database, experience designing data access layers and data models for an application;  Required – A minimum of five (5) years of experience, providing software maintenance and support services for complex and custom software systems;  Required – direct experience, a minimum of three (3) years, with Jira Scrum and Kanban board ;  Required – a minimum of three (3) years with all elements of the software development lifecycle: eliciting and documenting business process flows, use cases, requirements, quality management plans, user acceptance testing, and end-user training;  Required – Working knowledge, a minimum of three (3) years, of the security aspects of web application design, coding, and testing.  Required – Effective communication skills in English with the ability to participate in meaningful and articulate verbal discussions.

Location of Performance: The work shall be executed remotely at the Contractor’s premises. The Contractor is only expected to perform the work on-site at CTBTO headquarters, in Vienna, Austria, when deemed necessary and requested by the Commission. The Contractor shall include in their proposal the cost of travel and lodging for the on-site days. On-site work will be limited to four (4) visits of up to 5 person-days each, in each period of twelve (12) months.

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