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SharePoint apps support using Nintex Mobile, Workflows and Forms for World Health Organization



Tender: SharePoint Support & Maintenance – MyHealth App and ESMP

Contracting Authority: World Health Organization, HQ in Geneva

The purpose of this APW is to provide IT support and maintenance for two applications based on SharePoint 2013 using Nintex Mobile, Workflows and Forms.

Background: Two applications have been recently developed based on SharePoint 2013: MyHealth App and Emergency SOP Management Platform (ESMP). Both applications are currently in Production and stable. However, due to their criticality, we need to ensure the maintenance, bug fixes, updates and change requests.

  • MyHealth App for Emergencies: A solution to monitor health from field workers deployed for emergencies. This is done by collecting health information, alerting doctors whenever needed and providing to doctors’ easy access to field worker health information. This application uses Nintex Workflows, Mobile and Forms. Custom coding involved in HTML and JavaScript.
  • Emergency SOP Management Platform (ESMP): Provide a solution to host Policies, Procedures(SOPs) and Guidelines, allowing lifecycle management and including versioning and security management. It includes the consumption of content via a mobile offline/online functionality. This application uses Nintex Workflows and Forms. Custom coding involved in HTML and JavaScript; SharePoint Client/Server code and SharePoint Search customized using modern web technologies.

Planned timelines – Start date:  October 2018. Total duration: 1 year (with the possibility of renewal)

Requirements – Work to be performed:

  1. Support and incident management:

Covers correction of bugs or any applicative dysfunction. Based on trends from the last 6 months, the time spent on incident management is in average 3 days per month for both applications.

  1. Level 2 & Level 3 Support. Service Desk and L1 Support will be covered by WHO team.
  2. Support for the roll-out of upgrades and packages should be included.
  3. Response time based on priorities in line with an agreed Service Level Agreement.

All tickets are acknowledged within half a day, subsequent fixes should be within 3 working days. As a minimum, for incidents classified as high priority, response time should be within 0-8 hours (during business hours). High priority is considered to have impact in the core functionalities of the applications such as blocking errors. Telephone support and email support: 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday – Friday in GVA time.

  1. Extended support (GVA weekends, public holidays) is optional. Should be listed and costed as a separate option.
  2. Change requests:
  3. An estimated of 25 man-days per year for working on change requests. WHO would expect some unused days to “roll over” to the next year.
  4. For changes classified as high priority, implementation should be done within 48 hours.

iii.           Delivery Management:

  1. Logging Issues – a process must be provided for logging issues/requesting changes and subsequent tracking and management of issues.
  2. Reporting – a process for delivering management reports on the volume and type of issues/raised and processing times.
  3. KPIs – some basic metrics on service delivery to assess compliance with the target SLA.

Characteristics of the Provider – Experience in supporting IT projects based on SharePoint technology on Client and Server side – Experience in HTML, JavaScript through the Sharepoint API. – Expertise in Nintex solutions including Nintex Mobile, Workflows and Forms – Experience in troubleshooting applications, workflows, hosting, browsers and mobile issues. – Experience working with international organizations and ideally within the field of global health. – Excellent knowledge of English and preferably a good working knowledge of French.

Deadline: Oct 24

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