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“Refreš” designu Intranetu jedné z agentur OSN z Vídně

Tender: New Intranet Design Refresh

Contracting Authority: Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), Vienna

Deadline: May 13

Background: CTBTO operates an Intranet as the primary source for staff members to find information on various topics of interest. While the Intranet is an established tool that supports the work of the Commission and its staff, the technology stack used to run the system is outdated and difficult to support and maintain. CTBTO wishes to design a new Intranet as a centralized facilitator of its digital workplace by integrating with existing tools and platforms and using outbound single sign-on (SSO) functionality to break down information silos and streamline everyday processes.

SCOPE: The Commission plans to widen the number and scope of the intranet sections to broaden the scope of information available to Staff Members. Subject to the successful integration of additional backend systems, sections shall be introduced that display the latest released documents, video recordings, and the most recent CTBTO tweets. Furthermore, the new Intranet will present a section dedicated to specific CTBTO topics to educate staff on the reach of Commission’s network and displays stations-related information, such as location information and pictures.

The new Intranet will also have two sections to present CTBTO media coverage and staff related information: specialized editors will manage and publish them on intranet pages or download lists as html to send them via emails.


– Provide high quality User experience and User Interface Design (UX/UI) to meet customers’ needs;

– Facilitate communication and collecting of information, essential to all staff;

– Content editors will be owners of their content and will easily manage their own pages;

– Integration of internally used platforms, using their existing APIs;

– Intranet as an information hub, accessible via a Single-Sign-On authentication module from outside the internal network.

CTBTO servers will host test and production environments, configured according to the specifications below.

System                                                Drupal

Middleware                                       PHP 7.2+

Database                                            MariaDB 5.x  

Operating System                            Redhat Linux 7.x

Web Server                                        Apache 2.x

Image Processing Library              ImageMagick for image processing – v.

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