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IT Development Services

UPU – Universal Postal Union

The UPU seeks contractor to provide IT development services for a period of 4 years.

The objectives of the services are to support and supplement UPU’s own software development activities in accordance with the system requirements, technical summary and instructions contained herein. The selected vendor shall, under the supervision of UPU, deliver business analysis, software development, and testing services on a “time and materials” basis, including but not limited to the following tasks:

a) analyze the functional specifications and business requirements related to software development activities. Alternatively, when requested, develop functional specifications from the business requirements provided;

b) design and develop the requested changes or new software modules in accordance with the schedule provided by the UPU. This includes the extension of software packages in response to development requests by the UPU, the correction of related issues, adjustment and customization of software packages, implementation and updating of new functionalities and the assessment of resulting impacts on the system and on existing information technology structures;

c) respect software-coding rules communicated by the UPU, and document the source code in the form and manner prescribed by the UPU;

d) perform unit tests on any software (and related source code) developed;

e) responsible for the quality check of software development and deployment, performing automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by developers is as per the specifications.

f) participate and contribute in any regional or global manual and automated testing efforts of the resulting software;

g) report to the UPU on a regular basis as and when required on all software development activities to be performed;

h) when needed, provide support and services to UPU in adapting new and emerging IT technologies and venturing into new domain areas.

i) provide third level technical support as per the defined Service Level Specifications for the software packages developed.

For the purposes of this tender process and the software development activities indicated herein, “software” shall mean any computer programs in machine-readable object code and source code form and any subsequent error corrections or updates, for which the Vendor participated in the development and/or supply pursuant to the provisions contained herein and the final terms of the contract to be signed between the UPU and the Vendor.

The UPU shall remain responsible for supervision of all business analysis, software development, and software testing activities including the management of the overall scope of the project, methodology applied, development platforms and technologies, schedules, modifications to the schedules, completion procedures, delivery conditions and implementation estimations.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is 7 October 2021 at 16.00 CEST.

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