Platforma OSN “SE for All” z Vídně hledá dodavatele vysokorychlostních WiFi služeb

Tendr: Provision of High-speed WiFi Services

Zadavatel: SEforALL initiative, Vídeň

Deadline 31/10 – 11:00 CET

Objective: The present Terms of Reference aim to provide a framework for full TCP/IP Managed Internet Service Provision for the SEforALL Vienna, Austria. The service should be provided based on fixed monthly fee. Capacity requirement is minimum: Symmetric 100 Mbps bandwidth fiber-optic for the Primary and 4 Mbps backup link, The service is expected to be highly stable and reliable with a 99.3 minimal availability and uptime. The successful provider must have 24×7 coverage for technical assistance and/or helpdesk facilities.

Technical requirements: Since 2017, SEforALL office in Vienna, Austria has had the following wifi services capability and we seek to continue to have the same technical requirements:

• Speed requirement: symmetric min. 100 Mbps bandwidth. 

• Connection availability min.99.3 % per annum with possible maintenance exceptions specified in SLA

• Backup 4 Mbps min. DSL link with automatic failover. 

• In case of share channel, the minimal guaranteed bandwidth should be clearly mentioned in the proposal 

• SEforALL current connection is fiber-optic;  

• No limitations on traffic/ports; bandwidth capacity should be ensured through direct IP connection.

• At least one static publicly routable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are required. 

• Data confidentiality guarantee; Provider may not scan traffic (if this should be done for finding problems in the network a prior SEforALL agreement must be obtained). 

• Latency from the SEforALL Vienna area to USA shall be no more than 200 ms. 

• Worldwide accessibility  

• Policy on over subscription (sharing ratio 1:1 to guarantee bandwidth) 

• ISP must be able to manage the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to be installed in the SEforALL Office 

• Free and unlimited technical support 

• Traffic management, network monitoring and access to raw log files 

• Quality of Service 

• High Fiber-optic connectivity from the ISP to the Internet backbone