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Network attached storage system for Geneva-based ILO agency



Tendr: Storage Systems

Zadavatel: UN – International Laboour Office (ILO), Ženeva

Deadline 23/10

Background: The ILO is refreshing its data backup infrastructure and is adopting a software defined strategy. This project requires the acquisition of network attached storage (NAS) to retain deduplicated backed up data. The target architecture uses backup servers in charge of collecting, deduplicating, and storing data on a network attached storage device. The same solution will be deployed on two different sites for redundancy purposes. Since all the intelligence will reside at the backup servers level, the required storage system will not require advanced feature such as snapshots, clones or replication. The objective of this process is to procure two NAS systems of identical configuration matching the minimum initial requirements described below. The proposed architecture will allow increasing the storage capacity to the target configuration by seamlessly adding disk drives and/or storage nodes, without having to reconfigure the entire cluster. NAS systems will be delivered with the required initial capacity, and the proposal will include a clear path to upgrade systems to the target storage capacity.

Proposal – Bidders should include in their proposal the following information:

Initial configuration: – Cost for two NAS systems in initial configuration, including 5 years of maintenance, warranty and shipping- Cost of additional 6th year of maintenance and warranty- Cost of additional 7th year of maintenance and warranty- Space usage: total number of rack U required- Number of TB per U- Estimated power consumption per U

Target configuration: – Description of the upgrade strategy for reaching the target configuration- Cost of upgrade to target capacity for two NAS systems, including 5 years of maintenance, warranty and shipping

Initial Configuration – This paragraph describes the minimum specification for the initial configuration of each NAS unit.

– Useable storage capacity 900 TB minimum

– Hot spare disk ratio should follow manufacturer recommendation and have a minimum ration of 1 per 40.

– Disk drive nominal capacity of 10 TB minimum

– Disk drive Technology using NL-SAS or equivalent

– Sustained throughput of 1 GByte / second on write

– Integrated Flash or SSD storage for improved performances

– A minimum of two redundant controllers/nodes providing automatic and seamless failover

– Multiple nodes should be configured in cluster

– A minimum of two 10 Gbps SFP+ Ethernet port per controller/node for data traffic

– A minimum of one 1 Gbps RJ45 port for management console

– Redundant 220 volts AC power supplies with plugs of type C13/C14

– SNMP monitoring capabilities

– HTML based management console with required license

– CLI based management console with required license

– Cables to interconnect controllers / nodes and storage bays should be included

– Cooling: front to back airflow

– Chassis supporting installation on a standard 19’’ IT rack

– All the components are configured and perform as per vendor specifications

Target Configuration – the proposed solution should be upgradable according to the following requirements:

– Useable storage capacity 1400 TB minimum

– Sustained throughput of 1 GByte / second on write

– Hot spare disk ratio of 1 for 40 minimum or as per manufacturer recommendation

– Capacity upgrade requires less than 2 hours of downtime

– All the equipment in initial configuration is still in operations (i.e. only adding new equipment)

Hardware maintenance and Warranty period: The proposed equipment should be covered by a 9×5 Next Business Day on-site maintenance contract including parts and labour for an initial period of 5 years. An optional extension for a 6th and 7th years should also be proposed and priced upfront. The support team focal point should speak French or English and operate between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm CET. The Warranty period must be the same amount that the duration of the maintenance contract.

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