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Naučte experty jedné z agentur OSN storytellingu a datové vizualizaci

Call: Virtual Training for Data Visualization and Storytelling

Contractor: CTBTO – The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, Vienna

Proposed Training Duration: The Commission plans to provide virtual training on Data Visualization and Storytelling to staff members. The exact group size will be discussed and agreed on between the Commission and Contractor.

In line with the Commission’s needs, multiple sessions of the training shall be conducted to cover different groups. Each session shall consist of two (2) webinars maximum four (4) hours each, to be conducted on separate dates within an overall period not exceeding ten (10) business days for each group. The training shall be delivered entirely live and online on selected dates/times to be mutually agreed on by the Commission and the Contractor.

Training Requirements:The instructional content of the training shall address the fundamental factors and effective visual and storytelling techniques used to share and present data tailored to a specific audience.

Further, it shall feature interactive activities, practical exercises and case studies inspired by real-life examples preferably in the context of the United Nations.

The training shall cover, at a minimum, the following learning objectives:

• Understanding data plots and the use of neuroscience in evaluating graphical presentation of data.

• Breaking down business problems into data requirements.

• Filtering, focusing, and tailoring data to a specific audience.

• Distinguishing various charts and applying the right type to the appropriate situation.

• Understanding the process of decluttering graphs and removing redundancies.

• Making thoughtful design choices and applying key design principles to communicate clear and memorable graphical messages in the context of the CTBTO’s Corporate Identity Style Manual.

• Turning charts into compelling stories and conclusions that engage the audience, focus their attention, and fulfil their expectations.

• Introducing tips and tricks for PowerPoint and Excel.

The Commission reserves the right to request the Contractor to tailor the minimum content requirements for the needs and level of participants in each session.

The Contractor shall issue a certificate of completion either at the end of the sessions or the certificates shall be sent to the Commission at a later stage, but not later than five (5) working days after completion of the sessions.

Deadline 3/11

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