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NATO to buy modular parts for new European Deployable Field Camps


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Call for: Provision of Deployable Field Camps made from Modular Prefabricated Structures

Contracting Authority: NSPA – NATO Support and Procurement Agency

Tentative RFP Date: 01 September 2021

Background: Deployable field camps throughout Europe with duration from 6 months up to 10 years. The Contractor / or the Contractors shall have the capability to supply deployable facilities and services to sustain concurrently up to two camps equivalent to 1500 pax, in two different locations throughout Europe.

Item Description                              

             Both full Acquisition and Rental capabilities are required;

             Facilities made from prefabricated structures, i.e.: building blocks, tensile structures, containerised modules;

             Force Protection elements;

             Utilities preparation and connection: electrical power, fresh water distribution, sewage collection and storage;

             Services: general services, ground preparation.

             Delivery location: Europe (to be further defined);

             Time for completion:

–              Capability to start mobilization within maximum four (4) weeks from the call-off Purchase Order (PO) release date,

–              The setup of a full 1500 PAX camp shall be established with Full Operational Capability (FOC) in maximum ten (10) weeks from call-off PO,

–              1st call-off PO release for a setup in Lithuania estimated by May 2021 (to be confirmed).

Expected duration of the OA: initial three (3) years and up to two (2) one-year or one (1) two years extension.

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