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Hot and cold: Deployable Modular Kitchens for NATO



Call for: Deployable Modular Kitchens

Contracting Authority: NSPA – NATO Support and Procurement Agency

Tentative RFP Date: 02 August 2021

Estimated Quantity                        

–              Up to six (6 ea.) Deployable Modular Kitchens equipped for hot and cold food preparation;

–              Up to four (4 ea.) flatbed trailer for Modular Kitchens and ISO 10’ Containers transportation;

–              Up to six (6 ea.) lowering/lifting system for Modular Kitchens units maneuverability.

Complementary Item Description                            

–              Acquisition of Deployable Modular Kitchens equipped for hot and cold food preparation: the modular kitchen unit is required complete of catering equipment/cooking modules, accessories for food preparation and storage, flatbed trailer for transportation and lowering/lifting system for maneuverability.

–              Equipment engineering, First Article Inspection Testing (FAIT), supply, delivery & transportation, testing, verification and validation as required;

–              Training & first installation, Commissioning and Acceptance (C&A);

–              Project Management and Reporting;

–              Delivery location: PORTUGAL

–              Time for completion: equipment delivery, training and C&A not later than 240 calendar days after contract award.

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