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Health communication experts wanted by the EU for short-term job


I am looking for health communication experts for short-term (1 to 6 months) external assignments. Very good English. For a call for tenders organized by an EU agency.

Particularly: 1) Experts in risk communication/crisis communication/outbreak communication, 2) Experts in social marketing and social mobilisation Experts in behavioural science, 3) Experts in social science, 4) Experts in new technologies and innovations for health communication.

The Agency is looking both for senior level experts, able to advice on strategy and programmes, experts and junior experts capable of implementing actions or carrying out research.

Requirements – The tenderer‘s technical and professional capacity will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1) A minimum of five years international and national experience in health communication, risk communication, behavioural change and communication support.

2) Suitability of the organisation for the activities covered in the contract.

3) An existing directory of health communication experts ready and willing to undertake assignments for ECDC. This directory shall represent a good mix of both senior and junior level experts from different profiles with qualifications in fields such as health communication, behavioural change, risk communication and related areas. Experts shall have proven capability to prepare and present clear and concise reports in English language to international audiences. Experience in working with public institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), private sector and academia would be favourable.

4) Relevant qualifications in the field of project management, language, analysis, and knowledge and capability in the area of study fields.

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