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Tendr: Metadata-driven Document Management System

Zadavatel: International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna

RFI deadline 29/5

The System shall be delivered, installed and hosted in the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Background: The IAEA Department of Safeguards (responsible for verifying that Member States are complying with their Safeguards Agreements) seeks for a metadata-driven document management system to support staff in their daily work with documents. The System shall increase efficiency and transparency and reduce workload of staff members by providing them a user-friendly environment for creation and management of documents and related metadata in a flexible, but clearly guided way.

The System shall work according to the following principles:

3.1 The System shall support flexible administration of document types and metadata in terms of:

o strictly specified set of mandatory and optional metadata, defined per document type, 

o reusable metadata fields across different document types.

3.2 Document relationships

o The System shall support configurable relationships among documents, based on metadata, and shall be capable of showing the list of related documents to the users, while providing attractive user experience.

3.3 Referencing of documents

o The System shall be capable of creating and managing the documents reference numbers based on predefined rules by the System’s administrators. Such generated references will be used by the users for different document identification purposes.

3.4 Identification of documents and unique document URL

o Since the URLs will be used to link to the documents from other systems, they shall never change throughout the lifecycle of the document, thus a unique Document Identifier shall be provided by the System.

3.5 Workflow Support

o The System shall support review and approval workflows and beyond these more complex customizable workflows in business processes that include more than one interconnected document types by means that actions in one document affect another document’s attributes (metadata).

3.6 Support the departmental “publishing” concept of collaboration

o After creation and a potential workflow (which varies for different document types), a document is published to intended audience.

o Publishers should be able to digitally sign the document when declaring it as final.

o Each published document shall have a validity period; the valid version will be marked as “current”, the previous versions will be marked as “superseded”.

o “Superseded” version should remain accessible.

3.7 Support Safeguards Security policy

o The department operates a secure LAN with internet access and a highly secure fully isolated LAN. The System shall support work in both environments, including bi-directional export and import functionality. It shall be possible for the transferred document to stay in sync with the original document, based on configurable rules.

3.8 Audit Trail

o The department operates with strict security policies and rules, thus the System shall provide configurable and readable audit trail for all actions performed by the System’s users, including read and write operations on documents and modification of their metadata. The audit trail shall be a part of the System’s administration area and will be used by the department’s security and systems administrators.

3.9 Support Authorization Management policy

o The System shall utilize the in-house developed identity authorization management (IAM) system, which exposes its information through AD groups and MS SQL tables.

o The System shall support metadata-based security in combination with AD groups, e.g. if the user is a product manager and works on documents of country X, only then they would be able to work on the document related to that country.

3.10 User Interface Customization

o The System shall provide customizable user interface to maximize user experience.

While delivering the full support for the principles stated above, the System shall also deliver basic document management functionalities as listed here: • Scalable repository for storing and organizing a large volume of documents (currently about 4 million and rapidly growing) of different document types and formats; • Robust and performant “search” that operates on documents’ content and metadata. Search results shall respect security configuration mentioned in the principles above; • Built-in viewer for the most common formats; • Collaboration on documents, including the possibility for multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously; • Version control; • Bulk upload and tagging from the user interface; • Document lifecycle management; and • Highly reliable backup and restore (business continuity and disaster recovery) features.

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