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Digital Intelligence & SEO pro UNICEF

Tendr: Provision of Digital Intelligence, Analytics and SEO consulting across UNICEF digital ecosystem

Zadavatel: UNICEF, New York + další místa

Kontrakt na 3+2 roky

Deadline 31/10 00:00 Atlantic time

PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this Request for Proposal for Services is to seek proposals from qualified contractors and to establish a Long-Term Arrangement for Services with 3 or more qualified companies for the provision of Digital Intelligence, Analytics and Search Engine Optimization consulting across UNICEF digital ecosystem. Activities vary from daily requests for Google Analytics set up, to projects like establishing dashboards for advocacy campaigns monitoring. Additional details can be found in the next section.  To accomplish these objectives, UNICEF must rely on robust digital intelligence team with diverse sets of capabilities and expertise in multiple technical areas to assist in taking their digital marketing to the next level.

UNICEF’s key objectives with this RFP is to enable UNICEF globally to access a wide variety of digital intelligence and SEO services and expertise that can accelerate the growth and performance of our website and all communication campaigns. It is anticipated that most of the work will be performed on the ecosystem, including or related microsites such as, and others under UNICEF domain.

EXPECTED TASKS: The existing system in place already includes Google Analytics set up with Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio that covers over 60 Regional and Country Office dashboards. UNICEF is seeking to maintain the current technical set up within Google Analytics, and continue with the technical set up/roll out of Google Analytics reports and dashboards with the launch of new Regional, Country and campaign websites. In addition, UNICEF is seeking to improve our Search Engine Optimization results with the guidance on strategy and later work on its implementation and optimization.

Below are the detailed tasks expected: DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE AND SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: ● Digital analytics strategy and implementation plan.  ● GTM configuration, rollout and implementation support for the new/existing CMS Platform. ● Dashboards for every Region, Country Office, and campaign microsite launched by the web team in UNICEF Headquarters. ● Support content owner group on all implementation activities to correctly launch each site in the new system, with the implemented measurement strategy. ● Google Analytics governance for all worldwide accounts. ● Support on remarketing campaigns – implementing different pixels (as Facebook Pixel, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in Google Tag Manager. ● Optimization with A/B tests, heatmaps and sessions recordings. ● UNICEF staff training and support in Digital Intelligence and related topics. ● Provide implementation guidelines for the technical development team. ● Other related services such as researching innovative digital analytics methods in local markets, gathering best practices from other markets, including the case studies from different business models and countries etc. to be best adopted into our analytics to improve our current practices.  ● SEO platform audit – for the website and specific campaigns. ● Google search console implementation, governance and optimization. ● SEO dashboards and reports. ● Keyword research for specific pages and requested campaigns. ● Landing Page Optimization for Search Engines – strategy and guidance.

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