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Development, deployment and launch of new Norway grants website


Call for: full development, deployment and launch of a new website

Contracting authority: European Free Trade Association, Financial Mechanism Office, Brussels, Belgie

Details: The project includes the full development, deployment and launch of a new website. The selected service provider should deliver the project through the following key steps:

— Develop a user-friendly website structure and design in cooperation with the FMO.

— Implement and test the proposed solution based on the agreed design.

— Deploy the new website and ensure the necessary migration of data from the old website in cooperation with the current service provider.

— Provide hosting, handover, training and technical support. The service provider shall train the web editors in the usage of the CMS and provide technical support following the release of the new website for a period of two months.

Contract for 1 year (Jan – Dec 2018)

Budget €120.000

Deadline: 2/1/2018

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