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Another UX/UI tender, this time for the UN “Vaccine Safety Net Portal”

Call: UX/UI Analysis for the future Vaccine Safety Net Portal

Contracting Authority: WHO (World Health Organization), Geneva

Closing Date: 28/05/2020, 05:00 PM CET

Evaluation method: quality 60% x price 40%

Background: The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking offers for an in-depth analysis of the profile, experience and user interface, upstream of our project for the future web portal of the Vaccine Safety Net, in preparation for the call for tenders to the developers of the future site.

The successful bidder shall be a for profit institution operating in the field of digital health communication and Web Design with proven expertise in the user experience/interface, and have knowledge of different cultures around the world.

The Vaccine Safety Net (VSN) project needs redeveloping a new website based on a deep understanding of users behaviors, goals, needs and motivations. We wish to perform a UX/UI analysis upstream of this project in order to achieve the following goals.

•             Assess existing websites to ensure alignment within the organization and identify areas of improvements. (Existing limitations with VSN portal 1.0 > Usage is limited > Working groups are created but they are not visited or used)

•             Merge two existing websites (the VSN portal and the Vaccine Safety Communications e-library) , improving design, user-friendliness and the balance between the text and graphics

•             Strike a balance between security and ease of use/login

•             Provide an intuitive experience with clear navigation, precise response and feedback from action taken

•             Provide a pleasurable experience regardless of device, bandwidth, age or technical ability

Requirement in seven stages

1)            Understanding of the product and shared vision

a.            Goal : Understanding of the product vision, align all the project stakeholders on the product to be produce and on the success indicators

b.            Deliverables : Elements of the lean canevas with the written vision.

2)            Getting to know the users

a.            Goal : Understand the needs and wishes of your current and future users

b.            Deliverables : Interview questionnaires with the VSN team, some key members, healthcare professional and public users.

3)            Identifying personas

a.            Goal : Model user types, their behaviors, needs and aspirations

b.            Deliverables : Key Personas (2-3), public and healthcare professional

4)            Mapping the experience & imagine the opportunities

a.            Goal : Represent the whole experience of your customers & identify the answers to their needs

b.            Deliverables : Consolidated experience maps

5)            Defining the journeys & aligning on the storymap

a.            Goal : Represent user flows, identify and prioritize product features

b.            Deliverables : a customer story map

6)            Shaping the product

a.            Goal : Sketch, model & test the first screen ideas

b.            Deliverables : A visually organized model (sitemap) of all the components and information, static sketches, interactive prototype and the consolidated wireframes of key screens.

c.             Definition of guiding principles of application ergonomics (Mobile and Web version).

7)            A transparent creative process

a.            Goal : From design exploration to delivering a UI kit.

b.            Deliverables : Main screens usable by the development team, trend board and components library (UI Kit).

Place of assignment: The working sessions will be done remotely by video conference or in our Geneva office. All possible travel costs must be included in the service provided by the proponent.

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