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Agentura OSN z Bonnu hledá konzultanta na Microsoft Business Intelligence



Tendr: Framework Agreement for Microsoft Business Intelligence services Consultant

Zadavatel: UN Volunteers Information and Communications Technology Unit, located in Bonn, Germany

Jazyk: angličtina

Deadline: 31/1

Duration of contract: Up to 3 years (Max. 600 hours)

1. BACKGROUND: UNV Information and Communications Technology Unit (ICTU), located in Bonn, Germany, is responsible for maintaining and improving multiple corporate applications. One of the critical one is the Buiness Intelligence (BI) Platform based on Microsoft BI stack (Power BI, Integration Services, Azure Analysis Services, MSSQL).

2. MAIN OBJECTIVES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPOSED WORK: UNV have developed considerable Power BI reports, relying on data from UNV on-premises datawarehouse, combined from multiple data sources through Integration Services (SSIS). The maintenance of these reports in particularly improving the performance through better data models, more efficient DAX formulas, data cleanup routines and overall improvements of the visuals and the user experience are needed.

Additionally, the growth of demand for new reports is to be tackled by the vendor, by providing data modelling, data cleanup, DAX measures and reports/dashboards for the following domains:

 Finance (strong understanding of Financial concepts is necessary)

 Procurement

 HR

 Volunteer Advocacy, Management and administration (experience with volunteering organization is an asset) with quantitative and qualitative data

 Service desk and CRM (systems based on Salesforce)

3. DESCRIPTION OF RESPONSIBILITIES (SCOPE OF THE WORK): The consultant will provide support in the following areas:

1. Improve accuracy and performance of existing PowerBI DAX formulas

2. Create new DAX formulas in PowerBI

3. ETL changes using PowerQuery and Power BI M language

4. Define data modelling in PowerBI based on the report requirements

5. Create Power BI reports and dashboards following best UI/UX practices

6. Usage of DataFlow to to transform the data directly in the cloud

7. Create report from all type of data sources including API calls, JSON or XML

8. Calling REST API by using Power Query and handling pagination

9. Optimizing M queries

10. Review data model of UNV new applications and ensure that they are optimized for BI

11. Develop AI/predictive analysis reports (using Python)

12. Create reports based on data stored in Azure

13. Develop SQL queries to prepare/improve our data to be consumed by PowerBI

14. Automate report refresh and other automations through PowerShell

15. Use Python and Azure functions to call REST API and write results into Azure SQL database

16. Implement mechanism to monitor performance of our report

17. Connect our BI reports to UN Partners/Development organizations source of data using API calls with/without authentication mechanism

18. Public cloud tools with APIs (Clockify, Clickup, SalesForce,…)

19. Forecasting financial and human resources related reports

20. Implement reports based on ArcGis

21. Automated the extraction of Power BI audit logs by writing PowerShell scripts.

22. Document the changes

23. Authoring and delivering trainings

24. Recommends the ideal path for complete cloud migration of our BI platform to AzureAs part of UNV Digital Transformation, UNV has ambitious scope of changes in the BI stack, from implementing the latest trends of innovation (DataFlows, Azure, AI), redesigning the reports with high quality UI and UX, moving the whole BI stack to Azure. Therefore, the consultant should drive the  changes, propose and implement latest BI features, work independently with minimum inputs from UNV and deliver in very short-time due qualitative BI solutions.

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