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Vize a komunikační plán pro UNICEF

Vision and Communication Plan for UNICEF’s Data and Analytics Section

Purpose : In 2017, UNICEF completed a 3-year global brand refresh process which resulted in a revised organization brand toolkit and incorporation of a new strategy built around the tagline: “for every child”. The organization also released its data for children strategic framework and a new global advocacy and communications strategy with the aim to reach 1 billion people around the world and engage 100 million people to support our work for children.

UNICEF’s work on data has been evolving rapidly and is taking place in an increasingly crowded space with multiple actors competing for visibility and funding.

UNICEF’s Data and Analytics (D&A) Section now seeks proposals from firms to conduct a holistic visioning and communication exercise focused exclusively on UNICEF’s work on data for children.

The aim is to establish a clear and consistent plan that represents and delineates the work of the section consistently and coherently to ultimately enhance impact and visibility among key audiences like donors and policy makers as well as internal stakeholders.

This new plan should be forward-thinking to embrace the future of data, the dynamism and the ongoing evolution of the section’s work, while at the same time aligning closely and leveraging the potential of the current brand, communication and advocacy strategy.

Please note that this project does NOT include a shift in brand elements and exclusively covers UNICEF’s work on outcome and impact indicator data.

Based on thorough audience and market research in the data space, we aim to arrive at a common and strategic understanding for representing and communicating our work on data for children with maximum impact.

.    Qualifications and Specialized Knowledge/experience required

●             Minimum 10 years’ experience with organizational communications, branding and marketing on a global scale.

●             Employing qualified staff structure enabling work in these key areas identified in the deliverables: Audience Analysis, Communication Strategy, Branding, Strategic Consulting.

●             Experience with and knowledge of the UNICEF brand and data related work is an advantage.

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