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The UN is looking for a supplier of medals for its “soldiers” for the next five years



Provision of UN Medals, awards and accessories

United Nations Procurement Division

Expression of Interest deadline: 5/7

Overview: The United Nations intends to issue an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for the establishment of a global system contract for the provision of UN Medals, Awards, and Accessories, which are issued to eligible military personnel and civilian police in service of the United Nations.

In this regard, the UN is requesting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from potential qualified suppliers interested in participating in the upcoming solicitation to establish a global systems contract for the provision of UN medals, awards, and related accessories as further specified below.

The global system contract shall be effective for an initial 3-year period with 2 one-year optional extension periods at the UN’s discretion.

Description of Requirement: The UN medal is subject to the Regulations for the United Nations Medal (ST/SGB/119/Rev.1). For additional information on the standard UN medal and the variety of medal awards, please refer to the following website:

The Department of Peace Operations (DPO) requires the following medals, awards, and associated accessories to be produced according to the UN-prescribed technical specifications and provided under the established contract:

i. Standard Medal Set (Mission Medals): Comprised by three products: a United Nations bronze medallion, a Mission-specific service ribbon, and two matching ribbon bars. The set should be packed in a standard carton box.

ii. Mission Ribbon: A mission-specific service ribbon spool for customized requirements

iii. Medal Clasp: Metal bar pin used to affix to the Standard Medal ribbon.

iv. VIP box: An upgraded packaging for the standard medal set (item i)

v. Investiture hook: Investiture hook pin (compatible with Standard medal) to be used during award ceremonies.

vi. Numerals: Award Arabic numerals from number zero (0) to nine (9).

vii. Risk Premium Award (formed units): Composed of three (3) separate products:

o UN Military campaign streamer

o Special clasp (UN pin embellishment), in gold and bronze plated.

o Streamer Ribbons

*The estimated number of Standard Medal sets required is 90,000 per annum.

**Detailed technical specifications for the production of each of the above-listed products shall be provided to invited bidders in the upcoming ITB.

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS / INFORMATION: The contractor must be either a manufacturer or an authorized dealer for the offered product.

The manufacturer shall have at least five years of international experience in the design, production, and supply of the offered product, or similar military awards.

The contractor shall have at least five years of demonstrable experience in supplying similar types and volumes of goods at an international level.

Both the contractor and the manufacturer(s) shall maintain an internationally recognized quality management system (ISO 9001 or demonstrated equivalent) and be able to demonstrate reliable delivery performance.

The delivery terms (INCOTERMS 2020) for the products shall be FCA (Bidder to specify Port of Exit for air and sea). The maximum acceptable delivery time must not exceed 60 calendar days from the date of receipt of the purchase order.

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