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Strategic hybrid cloud environment for EBRD bank, London


Tender: Provision of cloud infrastructure design and implementation services

Contracting Authority: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), London UK

Description of Requirements: It is anticipated that EBRD will require specialist services from an external provider to support the design, implementation and continuous improvement of a strategic hybrid cloud environment at EBRD, utilising the Azure estate and EBRD investment in Microsoft services.

Services sought from a cloud services supplier may include, but are not limited to:

  • Independent advisory services relating to all cloud solutions, with a special focus on hybrid cloud (i.e. applications and services running across cloud and on-premise data centres)
  • Hybrid cloud strategy development, in conjunction with EBRD, and EBRD support partners
  • Azure cloud technical and functional design and implementation, including network and security infrastructure
  • Cloud based identity access management design and implementation using Microsoft Services
  • Hybrid cloud operational design and implementation, including:  Performance monitoring  Capacity planning  Service/environment provisioning  Cost management  Subscription management
  • Strategy, design and implementation for all aspects of the E5 Microsoft offering, including DRM, MDM and O365
  • Migration of selected on-premise infrastructure services to the target hybrid cloud environment

Resource profile – The below table outlines the level of experience that is required by the Bank for each indicative profile. Each of these roles must have the stated experience in design and delivery of cloud solutions, with evidence of multiple client implementations.

Role                                                                      Experience

Cloud Project Manager                                 5+ years

Cloud Project Manager (senior)                 8+ years

Cloud Consultant                                            5+ years

Cloud Consultant (senior)                            8+ years

Cloud Architect                                                7+ years

Cloud Security Architect                               5+ years

Cloud Integration Architect                         5+ years

Cloud Software Engineer                             5+ years

Cloud Systems Administrator                     5+ years

Cloud Network Engineer                              5+ years

Cloud Systems Engineer                               5+ years

Estimated (Contract) Volumes: 1000 Man-Days per annum

Closing date: 7/9 – 17:00 London

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