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Shared video storage řešení pro WHO (Ženeva)


Tender: Provision of a shared video storage solution (a turn-key shared storage solution)

Zadavatel: The World Trade Organization (WTO), Ženeva

The WTO seeks to purchase a turn-key shared storage solution, with redundancy, adapted for use with ultra-high definition (UHD) video files for multiple high-speed editors (4K and higher) fully compatible with Final Cut Pro X (FCPX).

Audio-visual and IT current set-up: * WTO video studio has a video production area located in the master control room adjacent to a TV studio on the second floor of the organization’s main building. * A LAN (server) room is located 10 meters away and has required connection to the studio. * The video production area is composed of a collaborative video workflow of four Mac-based workstations with Thunderbolt 2 or 3 ports and a fifth workstation used as support. Usually at least two people – sometimes more – work at the same time using the same inputs (footage and other media elements). * Four workstations (Mac Pro and Macbook Pro) have 1Gb Ethernet ports and 1 workstation (iMac Pro) has a 10Gb Ethernet port. * All the workstations are connected to the WTO network. * They have simultaneous access to media assets hosted on the main NAS (Network-Attached Storage) – shared storage system (GB Labs Midi-Space). Data transfers to each Workstation use 1Gb connections. * All the media assets are automatically replicated on a backup server that is identical to the main server. * Most of the editing happens in FCPX, but the WTO also uses at times other non-linear editing software such as Adobe Premiere. * Most of our recording video formats are XAVC QFHD, MPEG HD422 and UDF; SONY PXWZ90 and PMW-300 cameras are used for most of the filming. * The WTO network is made of switched Ethernet type. It is built around workstations connecting at 1Gbps speed. Network protocol is IP using a private class A scheme. * The network Backbone consists of two Cisco Catalyst 6509 L2/L3 switches connected via a 10GB Channel and configured in VSS. * The WTO Active Directory infrastructure consists of domain controllers running on Windows2012 R2.


– General elements: * The WTO is looking for one company to provide a shared storage solution for a collaborative FCPX video editing, fully redundant, as detailed below. * It shall be fully compatible with hosting FCPX libraries and its file-retrieval demands during the editing process for multiple concurrent users. * The solution shall have the capability of working seamlessly with FCPX libraries and projects directly from the server. * The proposed solution should be a turnkey solution and provide shared storage solution and redundancy adapted for use with ultra-high definition (UHD) video files for multiple high-speed editors (4K and higher). * The solution shall provide storage capacity of at least 100 TB usable for the head unit and at least 100 Tb for the redundancy unit (see chapter D3). Capacity mentioned is after parity (Virtual RAID5). * Expansions: possibility of easy expansion to at least 500 Tb for both head and backup/redundancy units. * The solution shall support at least NFS / SMBv2 or higher / AFP file sharing systems for network clients”. In case the solution has SMBv1 as mandatory requirement, the company should state what the plans are to move to more secure protocol. * The solution shall provide a “friendly” web portal for remote monitoring and management / administering the system on all workstations and servers. * The storage solution shall include hardware, software, installation, services, documentation, and training material. This list is not exhaustive and proposals shall describe all the necessary elements for the good performance of the solution. * All specifications of the system have to be provided (including rack space, network and interunit connectivity, electrical needs, heat released). This list is not exhaustive and proposals shall describe all the necessary elements for the good performance of the solution. * The proposal shall include any additional component (e.g. screen, adaptors) needed and specify where they should be installed. * The solution envisaged should consider the fact that the main storage unit will be installed in the LAN room and the workstations would be in the TV studio. The TV Studio is connected to the LAN room via UTP Copper Cables which have a maximum length of 40 metres. Please see attached Appendix 3 – IERD Storage Current Architecture for more details. * The proposed solution would need to be connected to the WTO production network via existing Cisco WS-C2960X-48FPD-L switch in the LAN room. This is to allow access to existing and new storage systems over the same wired network. * For compatibility with existing network infrastructure, the vendor should propose only Cisco switching equipment. This switch should be offered as an optional element.

– Main unit/head unit: * The aimed connectivity for Head unit is at least 4 x 10Gb Ethernet ports allowing 10Gbe direct connections to our workstations and additional connections (accepted at lower speeds) for at least 4 additional workstations. * The solution shall be able to provide possibility of expanding the number of high-speed connections (10Gb) from the requested 4 connections at a later stage. * The main storage unit is planned to be placed in the LAN/server room 10 metres away from the editing area.

– Back-up unit:  * Redundancy as mentioned in para. 3 refers to an automated replication (daily backup) of all content from the main storage space to a separate physical backup unit. * The solution shall offer server management with functionalities such as automated replications (allowing replications as mentioned above). Other important functionalities include: permissions management, remote access, and, if applicable, additional cloud backup options. * The WTO is seeking a contract with one company for all services. In case of backend services from other companies, the WTO is expecting a single point of contact for all services even in the case of cloud back-up. * The backup data must be easily accessible in case of failure or corruption of files hosted in the main storage space. * The backup unit will be hosted in the WTO DataCenter.

– Optional: back-up to cloud service * Companies may, if they wish, add a secondary online back-up solution using cloud services as an optional offer. The WTO will decide at a later stage whether to contract this option. * The solution should foresee a workflow to migrate data. * The solution should have online preview, search and visual browsing capabilities. * Users should be able to easily add metadata in order to access and find stored content quickly. * In terms of retrieval of data, WTO is expecting to download 100 Gb in less than 3 hours. It is expected that the company expresses the conditions to be met in order to achieve that objective, such as minimum bandwidth required. It is also expected that the company describes the mechanisms in place for data transfer optimisation (upload, retrieve) as well as the required tools/consoles/interfaces for data access.

– Compatibility: * The company shall propose and describe a strategy for the compatibility of the proposed solution with the Organization’s existing storage system. * The solution provider shall provide support for the connection and integration of the existing storage systems to the new storage system.

– Security: * The system shall have an anti-virus if Windows-based; an anti-virus for other operational systems would be welcome. * Security (and emergency security) update process of the system should be described and regular security patch cycle should be part of the package.

Support & Maintenance: * The solution shall have 3-year support and maintenance with possible extension for 2 additional years. * Remote priority support and staff email responses should be within 1 hour on business days in either English or French. On-site support when needed is expected for the next working day. * Support staff in the Geneva region is desirable. * The solution shall have 3-year warranty (with possible extension for 2 additional years). * The solution provider will specify the details between warranty / support and whether these two will be linked. * The solution shall be updated as needed (firmware upgrade), reducing downtime to a minimum, with assistance by the provider if required. * WTO staff shall be in a position to replace faulty drives if the need arises. A minimum of 5 spare discs and other needed spare parts if any should be provided. * Regarding disk failures, WTO applies a policy that failed disks are not returned for security reasons. WTO should be allowed to keep the failed disk if necessary for inspection by the Company but for destruction afterwards through WTO’s disposal policy and process. * The solution provider will be required to migrate the current stock of data to the new storage system and detail the proposed manner in which they will go about this. * The solution provider shall provide training on the new workflow if any and provide documentation and support material.

PROJECT SCHEDULE: * The turnkey storage solution should be delivered, installed and operational six weeks after the granting of the contract at the latest.

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