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Rome based UN Agency needs a Supplier to provide a SharePoint Add-in to integrate with SharePoint to manage electronic records


Tendr: Sharepoint Add-In for Records Management     

Zadavatel: The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome

Description :      IFAD requires a Supplier to provide a SharePoint Add-in that integrates with IFAD’s SharePoint to manage electronic records.

This project shall deliver a SharePoint Add-in able to:

a)            extend SharePoint out-of-the-box (OOB) Record Management capabilities;

b)           handle existing and future records in current Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) SharePoint site;

c)            maintain the current indexes of the records (Unique Identifier) and add the new ones;

d)           ensure that existing IFAD Corporate Applications which currently send records to ERMS will continue to function;

e)           allow IFAD corporate applications to integrate in an easy and standard way via secure HTTP APIs when required, provided that existing SharePoint is able to do that;

f)            be easily maintained and upgraded;

g)            work in a multi-tier architecture

h)           To deliver a SharePoint Add-in for which the Supplier is responsible for the support on the installation, setup and commissioning to the designated Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Deadline 6/9

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