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Medical equipment for Close Protection EU-Officers


Tender: Medical equipment for Close Protection Officers

Contracting Authority: European Commission – DG Human Resources and Security, Brussels

Estimated total value of the contract: lot 1- 60 000 EUR ; lot 2 – 60 000 EUR

Duration: 2 framework contracts with 48 months validity

Description of the supplies to be purchased:

LOT 1 : MEDICAL EQUIPMENT – Type of equipment examples – Medical Trauma bag, Tourniquet, Burn dressing, Haemostatic Gauze, Chest seal, Cool pack, Manual suction pump, Kinesiology tape, Elastic adhesive bandage, Emergency blanket, Pocket resuscitation mask, Oropharyngeal airway, Nasopharyngeal Airway, Pulse Oximeter, LED headlight, Skin tissue glue, wound disinfectant, Needle decompression kit , Stethoscope, Sterile Dressing, Blood Pressure monitor, Supraglottic airway, Iodine, Blood sugar meter, Surgical clamps Bag Valve Mask (BVM), Thermometer, Medical gloves, Tactical pouch, Oxygen giving, Blizzard survival blanket, Suture / surgical kit, Field blood transfusion kit, etc. Full list will be available with the tender specifications.

LOT 2 : portable and full auto DEFIBRILLATORS /AED

The tenderer must be able to meet the following minimum selection criteria:  provide references for at least 2 contracts delivered in the field of this call for tender over the last three years with a minimum value for each project of EUR 30 000.  demonstrate sufficient economic and financial resources to perform the contract i.e. an average annual turnover exceeding EUR 30 000 in the 2 last financial years closed.

Deadline for the EOI: 15/09/2018.

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