Maroko nakoupí bezpilotní letouny pro ochranu hranic a boj s pašeráky drog

Tendr: Supply of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in the Scope of the Border Management Programme for the Maghreb Region (BMP-Maghreb) – Kingdom of Morocco

Množství: 15 UNITS

Zadavatel: International Centre for Migration Policy Development, Vienna, Rakousko

Délka kontraktu 4 měsíce

Deadline 25/4 – 16:00


TYPE: Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)

OPERATIONS: The Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) will be designed, equipped and used mainly for:

− Land and maritime border surveillance.

− Prevent and detect illegal immigration.

− Anti-drug trafficking

− Search and rescue.

− Law enforcement actions.

The sensors carried by the RPAS will be able to detect, recognize and identify potential suspicious objects from the background, to classify the objects and to describe in details (number of persons). The RPA should be able to transmit and receive payload data to the ground segment from the sensors (Electro optical & Infrared).

Reconnaissance and surveillance missions of sensitives areas used for the departure of boats and places known to be used by migrants as irregular temporary accommodation camps, particularly forests close to the border. The different sensors can facilitate the detection of tents, makeshift shelters and suspicious objects on the ground in real time and the transmission of the data collected to the operations centers and in this way to facilitate the intervention of the ground forces and the tracking of the movements of people.

RANGE: Up to 10 km in Radio Line of Sight (RLOS) operation

ENDURANCE: Not less than 50 minutes



FLIGHT MODES: Vertical take-off and landing. Hovering. Fly to coordinates.

FLIGHT CONDITIONS & ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Take-off and landing 21 kts. Flight operation, winds up to 27 knots. Operational Temperature limits of -10ºC to +40ºC.Operation in light rain conditions.



GROUND STATIONS AND FLIGHT PLANNING: Ground stations equipped with laptops with the relevant software installed.The Ground Stations shall operate the UAV  and monitor and receive the payload data captured by all the sensonrs in the UAV (images, live streaming video and recorded videos, etc)  and shall be made available as georeferenced data, to be further processed, visualized and to disseminate the information to the users. The Contractor should include a clear description in his proposal on the communication channels between the ground stations and the UAV capable of transmitting the payload data in real time. The Ground Stations shall be housed in a police-grade transportation case for maximum protection being possible to transport it in a vehicle SUV taille M.


* Monitor display type: 14 ” TFT 1366 x 768 , readable touche screen displa.

* Two additional readable touche screen display 17”  for the reception of the payload data from the UAV sensors..

Connections: USB, MicroHDMI, MicroSD, Audio, wireless LAN & WiFi, Bluetooh.

Power supply: Cable with push-pull connector. Over-voltage protection. 12 V output.

Battery: Lithium.

CPU: Intel Core processors.

Graphics processing unit (GPU): Nvidia

RAM: 16 GB.

Keyboard, touchpad, joystick and mouse.

Video and data transmitter antennas.


* Operating systems ( At least Windows 10).

* Web browsers ( Microsoft Internet Explorer or EDGE, Firefox, Chrome, etc)

* The software installed in the laptop should feature the functions that enable mission planner and UAV control; flight plan, heading, position, executed flight path, flight controller with flight data logging capabilities.

FLIGHT CONTROL: The UAV shall allow automatic flight operations and fully automatic take-off and landing. Hand-controller, single operator, automatic, semiautomatic or manual flight. In case fully autonomous flight with the capability of operator intervention to hold position, land, and emergency stop/return to designated location.

COMMUNICATION SYSTEM: Command and Control and payload data. Between the aerial vehicle and the ground station. Real time data download

ENERGY: Batteries, lithium.

CHARGING CRADLES: 1 kit per unit.

HEIGHT ABOUT GROUND LEVEL: Between 10 and 500 feet.

MAXIMUM WEIGHT: Less than 25 kg (including battery and payload).

DETECTION CAPABILITIES: Equipped with detection and avoid system

ELECTRO OPTICAL AND INFRARED CAMERAS: High resolution. At least HZ image streaming transmission  1,2 Ghz. Zoom day camera (x10 optical, x4 digital). Zoom IR camera (x8 digital).

TRAINING: The price offered by the successful tenderer shall include training courses in French for operational flight (pilot) and logistical maintenance support for a total of 12 operators. The training courses will be delivered on the dates fixed by the Direction Generale de la Surete Nationale (DGSN) and the contractor within a maximum of one month of the delivery and acceptance of the equipment.

MAINTENANCE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT: The contractor shall ensure that maintenance (scheduled and unexpected) is ensured and carried out in Morocco to all UAV during the operational lifetime to ensure the same working conditions as the time they were acquired.

MINIMAL WARRANTY: For a period of 12 months from the date of final acceptance


DELIVERY PLACE: DGSN facilities in Rabat

DELIVERY DATE: Maximum four (4) months after signature of the contract

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