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Layout a grafický design pro WHO. 700 hodin za rok

Provision of 700 hours of desktop publishing, layout and design services  over a one year period.

The World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva

Deadline 21/2

WHO requires up to 700 hours of desktop publishing, layout and design work over a one-year period. The provider will often be expected to use existing templates. However, in some cases they will be asked to deliver original design work.

Background: WHO issues several policy guidance documents and how-to manuals every year. These documents are also translated in French and Spanish (and occasionally in Portuguese) for readers who are not proficient in English, which means that an InDesign document laid out in English needs to be laid out in French and Spanish and occasionally Portuguese. We will also require additional graphic design work for special projects over the course of the 12-month contract.

Planned timelines: Start date:  01/03/2019 – End date: 01/03/2020

Work to be performed:

Objective 1: Use existing InDesign files of policy guidance documents and how-to manuals laid out in English to prepare French and/or Spanish and/or Portuguese versions and to create web and print-ready PDF versions of the documents. In cases where the original InDesign files are lost (for older documents), prepare a new layout similar to the original layout (an exact copy will not be required). It is important to note that the documents are of various length and complexity.

Objective 2: Develop original design work such as information materials for conferences (flyers, brochures, banners, posters), ad hoc maps and graphics for print publication, illustrations and graphics for social media, and end-of-year holiday card

Characteristics of the Provider: WHO is looking for a company with proven expertise in desktop publishing software, with experience in altering InDesign files prepared in English to fit the specificities of languages such as French and Spanish, with aptitude for creative work, and with enough staffing capacity to provide a quick turnaround. All interactions will be done in either English or French so good working knowledge in one of these languages will be needed.

Place of assignment: The work will be performed remotely. No travel will be required as all interactions will take place by email, phone and/or Skype as necessary.

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