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Kdo by zavedl EU agentuře z Malty elektronický podpis?


Tendr: Provision of electronic signature services

Zadavatel: European Asylum Support Office (EASO), Valletta – Malta

Kontrakt na 12 měsíců (s možností prodloužení až na 3 roky) / budget €140.000

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 16. října

Vítěz tendru bude dělat:

Work Package 1 “SIGNING SOLUTION”, including

1. Software: * Signing software which includes Signature Creation Application, MS SharePoint add-on and other components necessary for signing and stamping electronic documents; * Signature Verification Solution * One Time Password Solution * Software API for integration purposes

2. Hardware: * SSCD Secure Signature Creation Device

3. Services: * Consultation * Integration * Training * Maintenance * Migration

Work Package 2 “QTSP SERVICES”, including

1. Certificates: * Qualified electronic signature certificates * Qualified electronic seal certificates for qualified seal

2. CA services: * On-site Registration for Qualified Certificates at EASO Office * Revocation services available for EASO representatives for all issued certificates * TSA – Qualified Time Stamping

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