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ITU Social Media Management Tool

Deadline 19 Jun 2024 15:00:00

Strategic Context: The Corporate Communications Division of ITU requires an effective solution for managing our social media presence and for social listening across various platforms. The tool must enable us to manage our social media efforts from one centralized location, allowing us to schedule posts across different channels, analyze social media traffic, and engage with our audience efficiently. Additionally, the tool should provide comprehensive social listening capabilities to monitor brand mentions, relevant hashtags, and industry trends.

Objective: In keeping with our strategic direction, the primary goals for acquiring a social media management tool revolve around optimizing our social media operations. This includes (i) scheduling posts, engaging with social interactions, and overseeing multiple accounts through a unified dashboard; (ii) evaluating the impact of our social media campaigns and extracting useful insights using comprehensive analytics; (iii) tracking mentions of our brand, products, and services on social media for reputation management, as well as following pertinent discussions, industry updates, and competitor actions to aid in strategic planning and decision-making.

The procurement of a social media management tool is primarily aimed at: a) enhancing the efficiency and user-friendliness of managing our social media channels; b) aligning our social media efforts more closely with ITU’s strategic objectives; c) boosting productivity, improving access to data and reports for informed decision-making, and refining the strategic focus of our social media team.

Mandatory Requirements: The tool must support scheduling and publishing content across all major social media platforms in the English language (e.g., Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). It should offer a centralized dashboard for managing accounts and provide user-friendly navigation.

The tool must have the capability to analyze and report on social media traffic and campaign performance, including hashtags.

It should feature social listening to track brand mentions, hashtags, and industry-specific keywords.

The tool must comply with data protection and privacy regulations.

It allows to connect unlimited social media profiles

During weekdays availability of customer service

Availability of online training resources

Desirable Requirements:

Scalable and able to grow with ITU’s social media needs.

Reliable customer support 24/7 and provide tailored trainings for the ITU team based on their needs.

The main feature and functionalities we need:

– Scheduling & publish posts (mandatory)

– Message tagging (desirable)

– Trend analysis (desirable)

– Automated link tracking (desirable)

– Hashtag analytics (mandatory)

– Analytics and reports (mandatory)

– Follower analysis (mandatory)

– Sentiment analysis (desirable)

– Collaboration and role management (desirable)

The Bidder shall include in its Technical Proposal responses on how the system responds to each requirement and ensure the provision of a User Guide that details the steps. The platform is expected to be user friendly and work in terms of access, viewing, navigating and printing on a minimum of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Bing & Safari. We need access to 10 users and these users should be able to access the system remotely and on a variety of different technologies, such as desktop and tablets. If there are additional features, Bidders also have the opportunity to add them as part of their technical proposals.

In its technical proposal, the Bidder shall present and describe how the ITU’s key concerns will be addressed.

Technical Standards

The social media management tool is to have:

• Data Security Standards (mandatory)

• Data Privacy Regulations (mandatory)

• Social Media Platform Compliance: Adherence to the terms of service and API use policies of the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) (desirable)

• Performance and Scalability Standards: Load Testing: To ensure the tool performs well under the expected user load (desirable)

• Scalability Best Practices: To ensure that the solution can grow with the organization’s needs (desirable)

• User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Standards (desirable)


The proposed social media management tool shall offer pre-defined and customizable reporting features as follows:

– Analytics and metrics for easy reporting (mandatory)

– Default and customizable dashboards (desirable)

– Automated reports (desirable)

– Campaign tracking (mandatory)

– Cross-platform comparison (desirable)

– Report templates and metrics (desirable)

– Engagement metrics (mandatory)

– Reach and impressions (mandatory)

– Top performing content (desirable)

– Follower growth (mandatory)

– Mentions and shares (mandatory)

– Audience demographics (mandatory)

– Sentiment analysis (desirable)

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