Graphic design for New York UN Headquarters

Provision of graphic design services for UN Headquarters in New York

Nyní probíhá fáze “projevení zájmu” (EOI), closing date 17/8. Celé zadání bude následovat později…

DESCRIPTION OF REQUIREMENTS The United Nations Procurement Division intends to establish a 1-year agreement with a graphics design service provider with the option to extend this agreement for an additional 1-year period based on satisfactory performance.

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS – Creation and design of a set of publications and communications products:

• Designing publications and reports;

• Designing communications material for specific meetings and events;

• Creating a client icon and illustration library;

• Designing communications assets for print and online use.

• Content management and content creation for client website;

• Developing and refining client’s visual identity/branding in collaboration with client’s communications team;

• Creating a set of communications assets according to new branding guidelines


• Five Factsheets (1 and 2 pages), one folder, posters and banners, as needed;

• Two newsletter designs (online newsletters);

• Infographics and other visuals for social media use

• Icon and illustration library (between 10 and 12 icons for common topics);

• Four Quarterly reports (ca. 25 pages each);

• One Annual Report (ca. 40 pages);

• One Appeal document (ca. 40 pages) ;

• One End-of-Year publication (ca. 40 pages);

• Five thematic reports over the course of the year;

• One Evaluation summary report (15-20 pages);

• Two reports on evaluations, lessons learned, etc. (35-40 pages each)

• Communication material on evaluations, lessons learned (design of one meeting invitation, one meeting agenda, one workshop note (2-3 pages);

• Design of new visuals for client’s page three times a year, monthly updates to the content in coordination with client.