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Express Mail Service  needs to change methods of communication with partners and clients



Call for: EMS Cooperative communications for the Universal Postal Union

Buyer: Universal Postal Union, Berne Switzerland

Deadline April 16

Scope of the call for tenders:  This call for tenders concerns the provision of services with regard to all aspects of the current EMS communication channels. The EMS Unit communicates with its members by letter and e-mail, and publishes newslet-ters and articles to engage EMS members and promote the EMS network. The aim of the communication service is to broadcast information about EMS activities and achievements, and to publish news articles about the EMS market and member success stories. Other communication materials are also required in response to specific needs.

The EMS Cooperative’s communication service also manages the content of the Cooperative’s website (, ensuring that it continues to expand as the key EMS communication and service tool.

Furthermore, a recent priority for the EMS Cooperative has been the introduction of EMS e-learning courses. The previous communication service provider developed the content of the materials, which will need to be promoted, monitored and, if required, updated in order to meet the online training requirements of EMS operators.

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