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Další pětiletá zakázka na grafické služby od OSN

Tendr: Design and Layout Services

Zadavatel: Jedna z agentur OSN (joint agency of the WTO and the UN based in Geneva (360 staff, 1000+ consultants)

Rámcová smlouva na max. 5 let

Deadline pro nabídky: 5. dubna

Scope of Services:


Design of events, promotional and publication projects (including creation of new visual concepts) that adhere to AGENCY visual identity and branding guidelines and meet a high professional standard. Creation of new templates for professionals (InDesign and Photoshop) and non-professionals (in Word, Publisher and PowerPoint).


Layout of the brochures and publications in InDesign, creation of the graphs in Illustrator based on the graphs created in Excel and selection of photos from online library.


Every project is to be treated as a separate order and respect following process. Prior to every project AGENCY will supply the contractor the following:

 Design Brief (Definition of the project and delivery deadlines)

 AGENCY visual guidelines

 AGENCY templates in InDesign, Illustrator, Word and/or Publisher (if existing)

 Appoint designated liaison/reviewer for quality control and approval of final product in each case;

 Text in Word format

 Graphs and tables in Word or Excel format

 AGENCY photographs in jpg format

 Other necessary materials

 Contractor will provide AGENCY with a detailed offer for the project (including deadlines)

 AGENCY will confirm the order

 Contractor will undertake design/layout followed by rounds of corrections (max three)

 AGENCY will approve the final version

 Upon finalising the project contractor will provide AGENCY with final files (listed below)

 AGENCY will pay for the project


AGENCY expects the following files to be delivered upon finalization:

 For visual concepts

 Presentation of 3 visual concepts (including short text providing justification) with at least 3 examples of application in a consolidated pdf document

 For templates

 Word and/or PowerPoint template file ready to use with defined styles and colour palette;

 InDesign template file and its corresponding package; or

 Photoshop PSD file in the layers (and all fonts)

 For print projects

 Full InDesign Package with links, fonts, idml and idd files

 print ready high resolution PDFs

 web ready low resolution interactive PDFs

 elements for inclusion in e- Pubs, web and social media (optional)

 For digital projects

 All work files; Photoshop PSD file with all the layers

 Final .jpg files ready for upload

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