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Agentura OSN z Jordánska hledá digitální tým na správu sociálních médií, google účtů a SEO

Tendr: Request for Digital Advertising Agency

Zadavatel: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

Deadline: 26/10

Jde o práci „na dálku“, zadavatel požaduje pouze respektování jeho pracovní doby.

UNRWA is seeking for A full-fledged advertising agency with a solid background in handling social media accounts, improving search engine optimization (SEO), and managing Google for non-profit ad accounts.

SCOPE OF WORK: The Awarded Vendor is expected to uphold the following responsibilities and tasks under the supervision of the Chief of Private Partnerships:

– Perform technical and non-technical audits on UNRWA donation site and provide findings and opportunities for improvement

– Create competitor analysis (SWOT) to identify opportunities for improvement in google rankings and overal site performance

– Improve the technical and off-site optimization of the donation website while evaluating the website content to address the points of weakness

– Troubleshoot our Google Ads account and ensure that we have a stabilized platform to run our ads

– Communicate with our SaaS Vendor if needed, to ensure an evenly process

– Integrate our Google Ads account with Google for non-profit platform to utilize the monthly grant and allocate it towards our Google and YouTube ads

– Utilize the dynamic keywords suggested by the Digital Team, and recommend other keywords, to improve the quality and reach of Google Ads

– Monitor and Evaluate the results of Google Analytics to ensure generating accurate and adequate data-driven reports at the end of each month

– Set-up a new pixel event on Meta Business Suite that supports IOS in all its versions and Android

– Ensure that the Digital team have all the required verification and authentication to conduct their work fluidly in the future

– Launch beta Google Ads campaigns (as agreed on with the Digital Fundraising team), showing enhanced Google rankings, Report results, and provide optimization recommendations

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