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WHO chce do digitálních a sociálních kanálů vypouštět “health messages”, plánuje měsíční kampaň a potřebuje pomoc


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Call: Amplification of WHO’s health messages on digital and social media channels

Zadavatel: World Health Organization, Ženeva

Deadline 29/10

Kontrakt na jeden měsíc

Obsah nabídky:

 Confidentiality Undertaking (Annex 2)

 Presentation of your Company / Institution (Annex 3)

 Proposed solution

 Proposed Approach/Methodology

 Proposed time line

 Financial proposal – Currency.

1. Purpose of the APW: Digital Channels Team at the World Health Organization works with the technology industry to promote science- based content, fight misinformation, gain user insights and develop new channels and tools to help fight the pandemic and beyond. The team has identified the need to further amplify health messages and information to audiences worldwide, especially those hardest to reach and vulnerable. Some examples include women, children, adolescents, elderly, people living with disabilities as well as those without reliable access to the internet.

The purpose of this assignment is to identify target audiences and propose new and innovative ways to reach them with life-saving health messages. In addition, work with WHO and other key stakeholders as necessary to amplify health messages to target audiences online and offline.

2. Background: Health information is widely shared and accessible on digital and social media channels, and influences health decisions people make on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not all information that’s out there is accurate and comes from trustworthy sources. Work is ongoing to tackle misinformation from multiple angles, including removing and reducing false content online, as well as raising good, science-based content.

During the course of the pandemic, WHO has learned that one of the most impactful ways to tackle misinformation and influence user behaviours is through “flooding the market” with accurate and credible content that comes from trusted sources. There is more work that needs to be done to identify markets that have not yet been fully reached and saturate these markets with life-saving health information to enable people make better health decisions.

3. Planned timelines (subject to confirmation)

Start date: 01/12/2021 End date: 31/12/2021

Total duration: 1 month

4. Requirements – Work to be performed

Objective 1: Help to identify target audiences and propose new and innovative ways to reach these audiences online (e.g. social media, ads) and offline (e.g. radio, mobile)

 Output 1.1. A one-pager identifying target audience and how to reach it.

Objective 2: Work with WHO and other stakeholders to promote and amplify health messages through digital and social media channels, including those of influencers.

 Output 2.1. Based on the one-pager described above, work with WHO to adapt and clear existing, published WHO content and/or visuals for the target audience identified.

 Output 2.2. Carry out content amplification to the target audience and produce a final report on its impact, including reach, engagement, spend and other metrics as appropriate.

5. Requirements – Planning: The work will take place remotely and the communication between the successful bidder and the WHO will be carried out over email and on teleconferences. The initial kick-off call will take place at the outset of the project. The reporting calls will take place weekly, or as otherwise communicated by the WHO. And the project closing call will take place upon sucessfull submission of the final report.

6. Inputs:  The team under the supervision of the technical officer will review the target audience identified and proposed way to reach them to validate the approach. The team will support with content development and clearance when and where necessary. The team will also conduct weekly calls, or as required, to track the progress of deliverables.

7. Characteristics of the Provider: The successful bidder shall be a for profit or not for profit institution or an individual operating in the field of digital communications, marketing or social media with proven expertise in amplifying products and projects to reach large and diverse audiences through innovative communication and marketing methods. The successful bidder must have previous experience in using digital communications, marketing and/or social media methods to reach large and diverse audiences, as well as in working with partners and/or multiple stakeholders to deliver products and projects.

8. Place of assignment: In supplier’s offices, no travel required.

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