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Vývoj webu pro EU program “Severní moře”

Tendr: Návrh webových stránek

Zadavatel: Interreg North Sea Region Programme, Viborg – Dánsko (spadá pod European Regional Development Fund)

Popis zakázky: Development of a new website and visual identity for the North Sea Region Programme 2021-2027. The website will be a multi-site, multi-user platform hosting many project websites. The assignment requires close cooperation with the contracting Authority. It includes website design, wireframing/site architecture, database integration, documentation, training, testing, and deployment as well as support and service maintenance for 2 years, with possibility for extension for up to 8 years in total. The visual identity includes a visual brand guide and a set of graphic products.

Detaily o zadavateli: https://northsearegion.eu/

Budget: €259.200

Deadline 22/2

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