Vývoj a správa webových aplikací pro agenturu OSN z Vídně

Call: Provision of Software Development and Maintenance of STMS Platform Web Application on a Call-off Basis.

Zadavatel: CTBTO (The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization), Vídeň

Deadline 6/7

Background: CTBTO has implemented and deployed web-based applications, known as the STMS Platform, for managing and publishing events that are offered to the member states for capacity building and training. The STMS Platform consists of two user-facing systems, called Services and Training Management System (STMS) and Conferences Training and Workshop (CTNW). STMS is hosted on the CTBTO internal web infrastructure and is the back-office web application for creating events and managing users. CTNW is hosted on the CTBTO external web infrastructure and is a web application that publishes events created by the internal STMS system.

Terms of Reference form the technical framework for the supply of software engineering services by the Contractor, in support of developing and maintaining the following web applications:

 STMS, an events management system used internally by the Commission’s staff for managing events, participants and related activities.

 CTNW, a software application that acts as a frontend for the STMS on the public web, allowing participants to register for events created in the STMS.

 Other related web applications using similar technologies as the ones above, as required.

The Current Technology Stack – The technology stack consists of:

 Java  Spring framework  Struts 2  JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3  ReactJS  Twitter Bootstrap  Jasper Reports  Oracle 12c

Application overview: The STMS Platform consists of two user-facing services (CTNW and STMS) and one internal service, the Data Provider (DP). The DP service is used by the CTNW to interface with an internal database. The CTNW is located in the DMZ, while the other two systems are located on the internal network.

The STMS Platform front-end application is built using a mix of vanilla JavaScript, Static HTML and, for some new parts, ReactJS framework. It uses a combination of HTTP calls using Apache Struts and Ajax based REST calls to the back-end for CRUD operations.

The STMS Platform back-end component is Java-based and employs Apache Struts and the Spring framework including Spring MVC and Spring Security. It exposes a REST interface between the front- and back-end services. Any action towards the database, the reporting subsystem, and the authentication and authorization subsystem is managed by the back-end services. The application uses JDBC to access the database and Hibernate as an ORM layer.

Scope of Work: The Commission requests software engineering services to enhance the STMS Platform, using the existing technologies and installed software as baseline. The Commission may request enhancements or modifications to any of the components of the system currently in use. Possible development tasks are listed below:

1. Upgrade STMS Platform’s business logic layer from using Struts to using Spring and RESTful APIs (Web Services, REST/JSON, API/GraphQL);

2. Upgrade and implement improved Data Access Layer;

3. Redesign and implement User Interface (UI/UX) using ReactJS;

4. Retrofit the application to use container technology for deployment of the application (Docker/Kubernetes);

5. Manipulation of Data by resolving conflicts,

6. Other enhancements related to the STMS Platform.

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