UX services for the SRB agency

Tendr: Web usability studies and related services for the Single Resolution Board intranet and public website

Zadavatel: Single Resolution Board (SRB), Brusel

Deadline pro EOI 23/8 (zadání bude až potom)

Budget max €100.000

Background & scope of the tender: The SRB is engaging in the development of a new intranet and a new public website which are in different implementation phases. Therefore, the purpose of this contract is twofold: 

 Intranet: identify and analyse the main user needs and tasks and propose an information architecture and wireframes, as well as insights in the context of the ongoing Intranet development. Moreover, the contractor must propose a visual identity to be used for the new Intranet, as well as an attractive, user-friendly graphical interface.

  Public website: evaluate the existing public website and provide inputs for the new public website to be developed in 2020 in terms of usability, information architecture/navigation scheme and graphical design

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