Social Media Engagement and Production Services for the EU Lux-based Agency

Tendr: Social Media Engagement and Production Services (under the FWC for the provision of services in the field of Marketing Consultancy and Content Production)

Zadavatel: European Investment Fund, Luxembourg

Deadline 21/11

Celkový rozpočet: €1.680.000 / 4 roky

Background: Introduction to EIF – The European Investment Fund (EIF) was established in 1994 and is a specialist provider of risk finance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) across Europe. The EIF has a tri-partite shareholder structure including the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union represented by the European Commission (EC), and 32 banks and financial institutions. The EIF has its own legal personality and financial autonomy among the institutions of the European Union.

Details: the Service Provider(s) will be required to, but not limited to, assist the EIF in the following areas:

 Identify target audience behaviours, preferred content types, topics of interest and other insights based on data analytics;

 Propose tactics to grow the EIF brand in the online space by suggesting contents types that could achieve a broad reach;

 Conduct regular research and competitor analysis to inform the EIF’s content production strategy for awareness raising, engagement and growth;

 Help the EIF to stay abreast of new developments in the social media space including advice on platforms, formats and trends as they evolve;

 Advise and supporting the EIF in developing social media campaigns that drive and encourage user-generated-contents, e.g. photo/film contests, polls, quizzes;

 Research hashtags across different platforms and providing creative advice related to the production of impactful storylines along those keywords;

 Monitor digital and social media channels to inform crisis communications activities and community management objectives (including a listening tool);

 Manage earned media engagement (influencer relations: identifying collaboration opportunities and working with influential individuals and organisations online);

 Manage paid media/advertising to guarantee targeted visibility (including social media advertising, paid content discovery services, native advertising, and search engine marketing i.e. Google AdWords);

 Search engine optimisation to ensure satisfactory placement of EIF content in search engines (especially Google);

 Measure EIF performance across all digital and social media activities based on a pre-determined framework, including strategic recommendations for performance improvement;

 Ensure Day-to-day co-operation and project management together with the EIF to facilitate activities across multiple markets, initiatives and campaigns;

 Assist the EIF, on an ad-hoc or occasional basis in managing a monthly editorial calendar and posting contents on platforms (e.g. for holiday cover or in times of heavy workload).

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