“Relaxační” nábytek pro vídeňskou knihovnu Mezinárodní agentury pro atomovou energii

Call: Supply and Delivery of Furniture for the IAEA Library

Zadavatel: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna

Deadline: 23/11

Scope: The specification describes the requirements for supply and delivery of furniture for  the Stress-Free Zone room in the IAEA Library, to provide a relaxing space in the  library for staff and visitors to read and work in a contemplative, stress-free area

Technical Requirements – The Contractor shall provide the furniture items with the following technical  requirements:

* One large couch/sectional with room to fit several people (~9). It shall  be upholstered and include the capability for users to plug in their  devices.

* Five round coffee/end tables with approx. 50+cm x 50+cm (diameter  and height) PLUS a larger one to go in front of sectional (approx. 80cm x 50cm).

* Two large-upholstered armchairs with a high back with approx. Width:  790 mm | Height: 1170 mm | Depth: 820 – 960 mm | Seat height: 440 mm  | Seat depth: 480 mm.

* Twelve medium upholstered armchairs with a high back that are  slightly smaller than those under item 3 – with approx. Width: 820 mm |  Height: 1020 mm | Depth: 810 mm | Seat height: 450 mm | Seat depth: 520 mm.

* Three desks that seat two people each with internal networking  capabilities, if possible (approx. 85x260cm).

* Six desk chairs with arms that are ergonomic and have wheels with  approx. Width: 480 mm | Height: 1160 mm | Depth: 610 mm | Seat height:  400–515 mm | Seat depth: 390–450 mm | Seat width: 480 mm Width with  armrests: 650 mm.

+++ The Contractor shall provide optional available colours of the furniture  and chairs. The selection of the colours will be determined at a later stage  and before awarding the purchase order

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