Reakce na kybernetické útoky pro OSN. Kdo by (ne)chtěl?

Výzva k projevení zájmu: Cyber Incident Response Service

Zadavatel: UN WFP (World Food Programme OSN), operuje v 85 zemích světa

WFP is soliciting expressions of interest from qualified suppliers who perform incident response services (containment, investigation, recovery). It is expected most contracted services would need to be provided in locations where WFP maintains data centres

Požadavky: * Proven track record in the delivery of incident response services, preferably with organizations with diplomatic concerns * Company description and summary of experience * description of the standard operating process and tools * list of operating systems/platforms on which the company can conduct forensic (Windows, Linux, Cisco, OSX, SAP, Azure, AWS, etc)

Deadline pro EOI: 25. ledna

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