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Production of Promotional Videos for the EU Satellite Centre

Call: Space Surveillance & Tracking Promotional Videos

Contracting Authority: The European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen), Madrid

EOI deadline: 3/7

The European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen) is planning to award a contract for the production and delivery of two short videos to promote the European Union Space Surveillance & Tracking (“EUSST”) Support Framework.

The videos will aim at raising awareness on how the actual and future dedicated EUSST capability contributes to safeguard European space infrastructure (e.g. Galileo navigation system and Copernicus Earth Observation programme) with an appropriate level of European autonomy.

We are looking for an experienced company in designing high-quality promotional videos with dynamic marketing messages, that complies with the following characteristics:

•             Understanding the purpose, the scope and the target of the promotional videos.

•             Quality camera: high-definition and 4K resolution, lighting, good composition, professional English narrator, broadcast graphic design, 3D info graphic animation and colour correction. 3D graphics must be made from original drawings and not purchased from third-party libraries.

•             Video production: Video Editing Techniques as Premiere Pro 12 (minimum)

•             Audio production: Well recorded & Mixed Sound. Recording voice on set, editing sound clips and includes music, narration and sound effects narration.

•             Video must be able to be reduced in size without sacrificing quality. 

•             Regular iterations (once per month or more if needed) with the SatCen to verify that the work corresponds to the expectations

The maximum value of this contract is €100.000 without VAT. The signature of the contract is expected for September 2020. The Delivery of the first video is expected by December 2020 at the latest. The delivery of the second video is expected by March 2022 at the lastest.

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