OSN potřebuje v Ženevě během renovace svého sídla zajistit AV a konferenční služby

Call for: Temporary Infrastructure for Conferences (TIC)

Contracting Authority: the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG)

Closing Date for Receipt of EOI: 15 October 2018

DESCRIPTION OF REQUIREMENTS: The United Nations Office at Geneva (“UNOG”), Switzerland, located at the Palais des Nations, is the largest United Nations Office in Europe, providing conference support and facilitating the multi-lateral international diplomacy of the worldwide community. The United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of the Strategic Heritage Plan (“SHP”) which includes the renovation of the existing Palais des Nations with more than 200,000 square meters and more than 30 conference rooms. UNOG will be launching a solicitation to provide a Temporary Infrastructure for Conferences during the SHP works UNOG seeks expressions of interest from companies wishing to tender the provision of a Temporary Infrastructure for Conferences at UNOG.

UNOG is seeking a Company able to Design, Build and Maintain a facility for 600 delegates. The facility has to be operational from mid 2019 to end 2023, during the expected renovation works of the Strategic Heritage Plan. The facility will have two different configurations during this period: in the first half, it will be 3 separate conference rooms with a capacity of 200 delegates each, to be transformed in the second period in a unique room with the full 600 delegates capacity.

The daily operation of the Infrastructure will remain under UNOG responsibility and the Company will be in charge to dismantle the facility at the end of SHP program.


The temporary infrastructure is to include:

– A covered hall, with cloakrooms, document distribution counter and sanitary facilities for approximately 600 people,

– The infrastructure must be able to be secured (doors lockable) and the installation of mobile security metal detectors and X-rays machines must be possible,

– Statutory installations to ensure local fire and life safety requirements are met (e.g. fire alarm, public address, fire hoses/hydrants/extinguishers, emergency exits, smoke and heat extraction, statutory signage, etc.),

– All furniture,

– Raised podium with presidency and secretary functionalities,

– A complete audio-visual system with simultaneous interpretations

– Connectivity to the UNTV studio,

– Any HVAC installations needed for the comfort of the users,

– Normal and emergency lighting,

– Normal and UPS power,

– Full Wi fi coverage

All the necessary works to reach this requirement will be under the responsibility of the Company:

  1. Design
  2. Redaction of all documents necessary to get all staturory authorisations (including accesibility norms) and building licence
  3. Preparatory works and infrastructure works
  4. Structural and building works
  5. Arquitectural works and finishes
  6. Installation works
  7. Any exterior works to insure connection with existing services
  8. Furniture
  9. Maintenance
  10. Dismantling of all the installation and restoring the surfaces once the buildings are removed

The detailed scope of work will be given under the Request for Proposal document that will be sent to the firms who respond to this EOI.

Bidders will be expected to have worked in turnkey projects for conferences and have the capability to deal with a complex site and installation timeline.

The UN seeks to promote effective international competition for the goods and service included within this bidding exercise. It is stressed however, that the appointed vendor must be onsite at UNOG during the design and execution works. During the warranty and maintenance periods, the vendor must be onsite within two (2) hours of a request by the UN. Further details will be sent out in the tender documentation but it is anticipated that this requirement may only be met by means of a presence in the region by the vendor or a member of its consortium (partnership or joint venture). These consortiums do not need to be identified now as part of the EOI response.

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