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NATO hires journalists and cameramen to prepare its video NATOChannel


In fact there is a call for tenders running right now. The main task for the future contractor will be the production of news and feature video stories for NATOChannel which includes journalistic work, reporting, shooting audio and  video editing and packaging reports for international audiences. Video reports will be published on NATO’s digital channels as appropriate and distributed to media outlets. The tasks of the contractor will also include the production of editorial products such as text features to accompany video stories, for use by NATOChannel and Communications Services in its wider publication activities. Minimum qualification for the team: account/project manager, a pool of qualified journalists, a pool of qualified cameramen, a pool of qualified video-editors and a pool of qualified video journalists. The personnel must have an excellent knowledge of English and a good working knowledge of French. The budget for the firts year of the contract is  €190.000.

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