Mezinárodní telekomunikační unie potřebuje migrovat svoje e-commerce řešení do SAP Commerce Cloudu

Tender: Migration from SAP WCEM to SAP Commerce Cloud

Contractor: The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva

Deadline: 7/3

Project Background Information: ITU has an e-commerce solution for more than 20 years. The first solution was developed in-house. In January 2010, that solution was migrated to the SAP CRM platform with SAP Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM) as its frontend. Appendix 1 shows a high-level architecture design of WCEM implementation at ITU.

SAP WCEM is currently used for:

1) the sale of ITU publications (e-bookshop);

2) the sale of Telecom World event tickets and event registration.

3) the creation of user accounts including the processing of the requests to grant users (delegates) special access rights to ITU services and subscriptions to mailing lists.

SAP announced it will no longer provide support services for WCEM as of 31 December 2020. Consequently, ITU stopped adding or enhancing functions in WCEM. Moreover, the end-user interface has not evolved over many years. WCEM lacks many new standard features found in most modern e-commerce solutions such as consent management, social media login, responsiveness etc. The above reasons and other considerations triggered the need to migrate to a new platform or platforms. SAP Commerce Cloud was chosen by ITU to replace WCEM.

A) Delivery Method

The proposed project delivery method should be one of a “Distributed Project Team” (DPT) where people work remotely. In exceptional cases access to ITU premises (Onsite) can be granted.

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