IRENA z Abu Dhabí potřebuje agenturu na globální PR

Tendr: Public Relation Services to Enhance Global Visibility and Media Profile of IRENA

Zadavatel: IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency, Abu Dhabi, UAE

S vítězem bude uzavřena dlouhodobá smlouva na jeden rok s možností prodloužení

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky: 29/6

Deadline pro EOI: 5/6

Jazyk: English

Systém hodnocení: 70% kvalita – 30% cena

* NO PR agecny staff will be required at the IRENA headquarters in Abu Dhabi. 

* IRENA may require bidders to make a presentation during the technical evaluation to allow for better understanding of technical proposals.

The Public Relations Company will be responsible for fulfilling the following duties: 

→ Strengthen IRENA’s Director-General media profile internationally

→ Position IRENA as the lead agency for the global energy transformation 

→ Increase IRENA’s visibility in global lead (social) media  

Target audiences:   

• International, mainstream and opinion lead media (top tier)

• IRENA aims to reach a global target audience; however, the PR Company may be required to focus on certain target regions for a specific communication as needed

The Public Relations Company will provide the following overall communication service: 

 • Develop a positioning plan for IRENA/Director-General for global lead media and social media; • Draft, pitch and place statements, sound bites, written interviews and editorials/op-eds for the Director-General in consultation with IRENA’s Communications staff;  • Secure sit-down TV interviews in consultation with IRENA’s Communications staff;  • Organise meetings/round tables for the Director-General with representatives of top tier media;  • Set up a list of global bloggers, YouTubers and influencers and develop an engagement plan;  • Produce a lead media contact list, develop an engagement plan and facilitate media relations to journalists for IRENA’s ongoing use;  • Secure lead media attendees and develop a program of activity as part of IRENA’s hosted media for the Assembly; • Update IRENA’s Wikipedia page; • Create project timelines and measure PR activities/outcomes; 

Concrete deliverables (In close cooperation with IRENA’s communication staff, deliver):

1. A strategy and positioning plan for the Director-General/IRENA based on market research/statistics in global lead media (see Annex I) in consultation with IRENA’s Communications staff; 

2. A plan to increase Director-General’s twitter account to at least 10.000 followers and secure blue verified badge; 

3. Suggest plan and content to develop the Director-General’s profile on LinkedIn; the plan should be benchmarked against other leaders’ profiles on LinkedIn;

4. Within 12 months, at least 4 op-eds/written interviews edited, pitched and placed by Director-General in lead media (see Annex I) in consultation with IRENA’s Communications staff;

5. Within 12 months, 4 sit-down “feature length’ interviews on mainstream TV (see Annex I) secured for Director-General and provided full preparation; mass communications outreach proposed in consultation with IRENA’s Communications staff;

6. Monitor and identify (in real time) global developments for an immediate media reaction by IRENA; within 12 months 8 statements/sound bites by Director-General edited and placed in lead media (see Annex I); 

7. Within 12 months, organize 4 meetings (editorial visits/media roundtables etc.) between the Director-General and media representatives/journalists from lead media (see Annex I);

8. Set up of a list of global influencers, bloggers and YouTubers (at least 30) in the area of energy and develop a plan how to engage/build up long-term relations; 

9. Set up a media list of at least 30 global lead journalists (see Annex I) in the area of energy for long-term media relations; develop an engagement plan for each journalist and facilitate contacts to them for IRENA; 

10. Out of the global lead journalists list (see deliverable 9) build relations and secure 5 top tier media attendees as part of IRENA’s hosted media for the Assembly in January 2021, developing and manage a detailed program of activity for each of them during the event to maximise return on investment;

11. Provide a complete update of the IRENA Wikipedia page, liaising with Wikipedia editors and proposing necessary content updates; 

12. A quarterly clear analysis /monitoring report on the outcomes of each services / and overall after 12 months.

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