Indická “pobočka” OSN potřebuje mobilní aplikaci pro projekt Creation of Village Level Database in Assam

Tender: Mobile Application

Contracting Authority: UNDP-India request from eligible bidders to submit a proposal for “Creating a Mobile Application and Cloud-based Survey Software for the Project: Creation of Village Level Database in Assam”

Deadline: 14/2

The overall objective of the project is to:

 Design and develop mobile-based applications as tools for data collection for different surveys

 Design and develop a cloud-based content management system that shall serve as a tool for the management and analysis of data from different surveys

 Enable the Government of Assam to use the software module in subsequent future studies

This project seeks to engage the services of a Survey Software Developer to provide assistance in designing the mobile and cloud-based application in alignment with the technical requirements needed for data collection as well as analysis.

Business Requirements: Dynamic, Robust Management Information System: The proposed initiative would use both web and mobile application for collection and management of large volumes of survey data.

Front end:

 Creation of a Graphic User Interface (GUI), easy to navigate web and mobile driven System, that is robust and searchable.

 The design and layout should be consistent throughout the website. The styles used should be simple and professional for easy handling by surveyors and admin members

 The System would be a repository for storage of all types of content such as text, audio, video and images with geotags.

 The architecture should be open and flexible and user friendly to allow extensive use by users of varying levels of technical knowledge.

 The Administrator should have the facility to create mobile-based questionnaire with wide range of data type (text, audio, video and images with geotags) using the admin interface

 The System should be accessible to low-bandwidth users.

 The Application Framework should have quality control mechanism. It should be based on attribute variance.

 It should also have provision to backcheck the data and maintain the complete workflow.

 Dashboard should be available to see the progress work and data quality in near realtime

Back end:

 Creation of a robust and intuitive customized Content Management System (CMS). The CMS should allow users to manage and update the website easily through admins/sub-admins and contributors who are not expected to have any special technical knowledge.

 The mobile platform should be accessible to low-end devices of surveyors in rural and remote areas of Assam.

 The system should be database-driven/modular so that it can handle all the existing information and be able to handle new documents that would get uploaded on it on a regular basis.

 The System should enable federated or aggregated search capabilities that will allow the retrieval and presentation of search results from within the System, document libraries, tools repositories, and eventually other sites and data sets with which the System may interface. This will involve extensive mapping, tagging and meta tagging.

 All content types must be searchable including HTML, images, text, documents and audio-video.

 All data must be integrated with the GPS coordinate

 All photo collected should be GPS and time stamped.

 The database should be capable of managing large pool of data.

 Proper security measure should be taken to ensure the privacy of the collected images.

 The system must be hosted with robust firewall, and perform regular database maintenance and backup.

 Provide Data Security – Security auditing to be carried out by a CERTIN certified vendor.

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