High-quality printing for Rome-based UN agency

Tendr: Provision of Graphic materials and Printing Services – expression of interest

Contracting Authority: World Food Programme, Rome IT

EOI deadline 27/2

Details: The services required consist of high-quality printing on rigid or flexible material (even on 3D material), and largescale prints for external use (i.e. mesh banner printing), photographic & silkscreen printing, scanning/painting/ varnishing/finishing services, installation and graphic support services; supply of material such as wrapping film, PVC foam, metal, wood, etc.


* ability to provide high-quality prints for different purposes on different types of material, including 3D material, using a variety of techniques for professional use

* ability to provide auxiliary services such as scanning, painting, varnishing, finishing and installation and graphic design support services

* ability to provide support material such as wrapping film, Forex (PVC foam), fixing supports, signboards, banners, Plexiglass etc

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