EUEvropské tendryinstituce EUIT

Frontex zrušil tendr na provoz webové služby pro námořní mapy a hned vypsal nový

Call : Návrh, přechod a provoz webové mapové služby pro námořní mapy

Zadavatel : Evropská agentura pro pohraniční a pobřežní stráž (Frontex), Varšava

Kontrakt na 3 roky / budget €150.000

Scope: The envisaged solution is an externally hosted nautical chart OGC compliant web map and web map tile service (WMS/WMTS) that can be integrated into Frontex applications allowing to display maritime information on their natural background. The web map service shall be based on an official ENC.

The service provided shall include the regular updates.

The required map service is for planning purposes only and will not be used for navigational purposes. Within the scope of this procurement are the design and build of the service, the provision of the externally hosted service and quarterly updates from the day the service is in operation.

Required tasks and services:

• Build and delivery of the web map services;

• Maintenance & updates of the charts and the services;

• Provision of supporting documentation.

• Provision of usage statistics

Pozn.: Frontex vypsal původní tendr letos v srpnu. Nikdo se ale nepřihlásil, takže ho teď zrušil a rovnou vypsal znovu.

Deadline 14/12

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