Frontex to open 2 smaller tenders: for biometrics and VDI services

Frontex Biometric on the Move Trial: Frontex monitors new products, services, technologies and developments which may offer opportunities for new capacity development. One area of development – biometrics on the move –offer the possibility of a more efficient and effective processing of border crossings without compromising security.

Biometrics on the move, which shall be understood as the acquisition of biometric data at a distance for the purpose of identity verification, have the potential to provide a way to automate the border crossing processing for low risk bona fide travellers making their border crossing faster, so that more border control resources could,eventually, be used in other areas of border security.

Frontex is planning to launch a procurement to carry out a technological trial: Frontex Biometric on the Move Trial, aiming to test a border control solutions using biometric on the move technology at a European international Airport in the first half of 2019. Depending on the result of this trial, Frontex reserves the right to launch a new procurement for a second trial on the last part of 2019, which shall incorporate useful feedback and lesson learnt from the first trial.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) consultancy service – expert level: Purchase of the Expert level VDI infrastructure consultancy service to enhance and optimize the performance of the existing virtual desktop environment. Contract type -service contract for up to of up to 120 man days under Time and Means conditions.

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