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Evropské Satelitní centrum vypíše brzy tendr na propagační video. Deadline pro projevení zájmu ZÍTRA !!!

Call: The production and delivery of one short (2-3 mins) video

Zadavatel : Satelitní centrum EU SatCen (Torrejon de Ardoz, Španělsko)

Jednorázová akce: The maximum value of this contract is €60.000. The signature of the contract is expected by December 2021. The Delivery of the video is expected by June 2022 at the latest.

Deadline pro FORMÁLNÍ PROJEVENÍ ZÁJMU: 10/11!!!

Description of the contract: SatCen is planning to award a contract for the production and delivery of one short video (between 2 and 3 minutes in length) to promote the Copernicus Service in Support to EU External Action.

The purpose of the promotional video is to raise awareness amongst the broadest possible audience and potential new users on how Copernicus SEA improves the EU situational awareness and supports the EU decision-making; boosts user engagement of Copernicus SEA users and contributes to the global communication activities of Copernicus.

The SatCen is looking for an experienced company in designing and producing high-quality promotional videos with inspirational dynamic marketing messages, that will be in charge of the following activities:

•             Context analysis: based on the existing Copernicus SEA Communication Strategy, understand the purpose, scope usefulness and end-users of the Copernicus SEA service as well as objectives and target audience of the promotional video.

•             Conceptual design: prepare the script and design the video following a storytelling approach, by identifying key messages and the best way of transmitting and displaying it to the target audience. The video must be innovative, of the highest quality and visually attractive.

•             Video Production and Post-Production: produce and release the video in high-definition and 4K resolution with high-quality lighting, composition, graphic design and color correction. The video style should be 2D animation or 3D animation and could include other visuals (animated text, cards, iconography…). 2D/3D graphics must be made from original drawings and not purchased from third-party libraries.

•             Audio Production: high-quality recorded & mixed sound with a voice over in English by using a professional English narrator, recording voice on set and editing sound clips.  The video should also include music and/or sound effects to increase its attractiveness.

•             Regular iterations (by remote means, once per month or more if needed) with the SatCen team to co-develop the storyboard, collect feedback on preliminary results and validate the final deliveries.

•             Once the final video is ready, the contractor will be required to prepare a short version of the video (30 – 60 seconds) and excerpts (stills, clips, frames, etc.) to be used for promotional purposes.

 •            The video and the short version of the video must be able to be reduced in size without sacrificing quality. 

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