Evropská centrální banka potřebuje pomoc s vizuální komunikací

Call: Provision of Services and Works in the Area of Communication

Authority: European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Framework contract for 36 months

Short description: The Directorate General Communications (DG-C) at the ECB intends to award Framework Agreements to specialized communications suppliers under the following 2 lots:

* Lot 1: visual communications consultancy services and works for the provision of general advertising and creative services in order to analyze, utilize and develop products and services that would cover holistically both internal as well as external visual communication needs of the ECB. The ECB intends to award 3 framework contracts, under which orders will be placed based on a ranking system,

* Lot 2: services and works in support of the ECB physical Visitor’s Centre including maintenance of physical exhibitions, media installations and technical infrastructure, and further concept development and implementation in support of the ECB’s related communication and outreach activities. The ECB intends to award 1 framework contract, under which orders will be placed as needed.

Tenderers may apply to either or both lots.

Time limit for requests to participate: 11/06/2019

Estimated date of dispatch of invitations to tender to selected candidates: 15/07/2019

Details on Lot1:

On a need basis, as ordered under the Contract, the Contractor shall provide the following services:
• Consultancy, including analysis of the ECB’s present and potential communication strategic needs (based on DG-C/ WDI input and insights) and definition and development of new, fresh and innovative communication and dissemination strategies, including but not limited to defining and segmentation of the target audience, designing a strategy including the messages and the appropriate mix of communication channels, as well as the timing for different stages of the initiative.
• Create, prepare and submit creative ideas, proposals, key messages and strategic planning with regard to the ECB’s present and potential communication strategic needs, in line with the latest trends and the defined strategic scope, including adaptations for specific target audience(s) or regions.
• Organize, facilitate and document content proceedings for series of workshops (yearly and on big scope project basis), in collaboration with DG-C/WDI, to present to the ECB Business Areas (the content owners) the possible market and digital trends, as well as state-of-the-art communications products and solutions that the ECB may consider using.
• Consult, write, conceptualize, graphics design, illustrate, create, art and creative direct, produce, construct, plan, organize, deliver, buy, select, adapt, photo-video shoot or otherwise prepare any of the ECB’s requirements as described in Chapter I, Section 2.2 of this document (in line with the briefing received and ensuring visual consistency and bold brand identity at all levels, mediums and products produced).
• Consult relating to brand and visual identity in all media channels both internal and external, by defining unique and bold visual branding for the ECB, (including BaSu, etc.), that reflects the institution’s broader vision, purpose and principles.
• Manage both the quantity but also the quality of multiple simultaneous projects and requests, respecting given deadlines including: Master planning, project management, stakeholder coordination, budgeting, time, risk and performance management.
• Offer a centrally managed workflow solution, for viewing and tracking submitted requests (overview, request, status, history, input files, final deliverables, open files, reporting etc.)

Details lot2:

The Contractor shall serve in the capacity of a general contractor, functioning as the single point of contact and facilitator/coordinator of all the services, works and activities for maintaining, updating and further developing the existing physical exhibition elements, media installations, digital and audio-visual materials of the current ECB Visitor Centre1, including related content. The Contractor shall also provide services and works for developing new physical, digital and audio-visual deliverables for upgrading and extending the ECB Visitor Centre, including related content. The future development of the ECB Visitor Centre is foreseen to take place gradually over the contract duration. Following the conclusion of the framework contract, an initial consulting phase is foreseen for the Contractor in collaboration with the ECB to evaluate the existing exhibition concept and provide options for the possible adjustment of existing elements as well as the creation of new content, exhibition elements and media installations. The future development of the concept and the overall strategy for the ECB Visitor Centre shall take into account the feedback collected by the ECB from visitors and the ECB’s external engagement and communication strategy. The outcome of this review shall serve as a basis for a project plan to be developed by the Contractor, detailing the scope of the foreseen deliverables (regular content updates, adjustments to existing exhibition elements, and development of new exhibits/media installations) and key milestones for their implementation over the contract duration. The project plan shall be agreed with and approved by the ECB. It is anticipated that the ECB will order under the contract on a quarterly basis the review of project plan documents and – if necessary – a revision of said project plan document(s) by the Contractor in collaboration with the ECB. The implementation of the deliverables will be facilitated via called-off orders under the framework agreement to be concluded with the Contractor.

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