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Evropská agentura ECHA z Finska hledá firmu na zajištění služeb IT infrastruktury. V rozpočtu je €35 milionů

Zakázka: Rámcová smlouva o zajištění služeb infrastruktury IT

Zadavatel: Evropská agentura pro chemické látky (ECHA), Helsinki

Hodnota bez DPH: €35.400.000

Doba trvání: 60 měsíců

Uzavřena bude rámcová smlouva s jediným účastníkem

Tendr má 2 dvě fáze: Ve fázi I může podat žádost o účast v tomto řízení kterýkoli zainteresovaný uchazeč, ale k podání nabídky budou vyzváni pouze ti, kteří budou vybráni na základě oznámených kritérií pro vyloučení a výběr a s ohledem na dodržení minimálních požadavků na službu. Ve fázi II budou nabídky vyhodnoceny na základě zadávacích kritérií kvality a ceny.

Cílem rámcové smlouvy bude poskytování následujících služeb: * služby cloudu a infrastruktury, * portál pro řízení služeb, * řízení služeb, * poradenské služby, * služby transformace, * bezpečnostní služby.

Deadline 12/1

Some details: In 2012 ECHA started a transition towards outsourced hosting services, which was progressively implemented over three years. In particular, ECHA currently sources infrastructure services provided by one outsourcer (Incumbent), in conjunction with a second contractor (Networks Incumbent) managing the networks, based on two external datacentres and external service delivery centres.
In 2015 ECHA adopted an ICT asset-free strategy and transitioned its entire computing capacity to Infrastructure-as-a-service (completed in 2016). Such transition does not currently cover the network equipment.
Services under the existing agreements are secured for a time period that ECHA considers sufficient to establish this new Framework Contract (FWC) through competition and in order to complete the transition of services.
In parallel ECHA is performing a re-design of its networks in order to simplify and streamline the network managed services, on the one hand, and to facilitate the completion of the transition to full Infrastructure-as-a-service to cover also network-as-a-service, on the other. The aim is that this FWC will start when such transformation has already been completed or be very close to completion.
While the quality of the services to be provided by the Contractor are an important part of the FWC, clear focus will be put on awarding the Contract to a provider that can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of infrastructure services, including ECHA’s internal resources (e.g. contract management, service management, issue follow-up, etc.). That being said, continuity of ECHA’s existing infrastructure service portfolio is a top priority.

ECHA’s goals: Therefore, this FWC is of strategic importance to ECHA. There are four key objectives that ECHA puts on it:
1. Providing secure access to high-quality, secure and state-of-the-art services for consumption by ECHA and its third parties.
2. Ensuring a cost effective and low-risk transition from ECHA’s current infrastructure
208 services in to the services available on this FWC.
3. Lowering the total cost of ownership of infrastructure services, including efforts made by ECHA staff for e.g. Contract and Service Management.
4. Streamlining of the service delivery via lean service management and effective governance, automation and standardisation of service delivery and integration of services in a multiparty ecosystem.
ECHA expects that the Contractor is in a position to achieve all these objectives.

Technical Specs to download here.

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